Losing too much of my harvest

Question from a fellow grower:

: I am a beginner grower. I have 28 plants that I need to harvest very very soon. I have to get them harvested now but I don’t have time to trim all these plants. Do you have to trim or can you harvest without trimming. I’ve been keeping them trimmed as they have been growing but there’s still a lot of leaf. Do I have to trim off every leaf
I already trimmed all the big sucker leaves off. The only leaves left are the leaves that have grown out from the bud. Do you have to manicure a plant or can you cut into small manageable branches and dry and cure and smoke the bud and the leaves coming out of the bud. My plants looked amazing when they were alive but when I cut them and hung them to dry the buds look nothing like they did when they were alive. I know I read that you lose like 75% but my plants went from looking great to not looking good at all. Frustration

Yes you can cut leaves off later. Its called dry trimming


After you finish your drying process I would try to get them trimmed up nice before I put them into the jars. 28 plants is a lot to trim but it is doable. You will pick up speed as you go. Good luck

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For that many I would get a bowl trimmer. Much faster


Wet trim can look pretty at first but it will immediately make your crop grassy tasting and will require a longer cure to hit the same point of smell taste and potency when u cut down a plant it’s best to hang whole plant as the ripening process continues after u cut the plant down it will suck remaining sugars out the fan leaves and kinda feed the plant as it drys… so dont strip all the leaves off before u trim…also when u dry trim u will notice that alot of leaves u would have cut off curl up and become part of the bud


Basically what I did with my first. @fano_man

@fano_man I read Roberts lab info on drying and curing a year or so ago and that’s exactly the way he put it. About pulling the sugars out of the leafs and also Buds continue to ripen. Good info.


Really that’s cool I’ve I’ve alot of things in alot of places might of been here…tried it both ways and the dry trim was way better noticeably and the smell was there already before it went in the jar …it just gets danier and danker as I cure… dry till smallest branches snap then cut apart your larger kolas they might need 1 more day but jarring large kolas is a waste if space and dosent allow for even drying …higher. risk for mold in my experience… I had bud that went in jars a little early and I got wpm (white powdery mold )in whole jar theres a whole another ball game after you grow the plant the drying and trimming can be just as important and delicate