Losing my weed smell

This is my very first grow. I did sour diesel autos. I wet trimmed and hung them. Dried for 4 days. And I’m now onto curing them in a jar. But they kinda lost there weed smell and smell more like cut grass or hay with a hint of weed smell. What am I doing wrong. The bud looks feels good.

It will smell of hay/grass until the product is properly dried and cured. A dry should be done at ~68F and ~60% humidity and takes about 7 to 10 days. Burp your curing jars daily for the first 2 weeks of curing. I cure my weed for 3 to 4 weeks before I put in a Boveda pack for long-term storage.


How often should I burp my jars for the first week or two and how long?

I burp mine once or twice a day for the first 2 weeks. About 15 minutes for each burp. The purpose is to refresh the air in the jar.


After you put the buds in jars toss in a mini hygrometer to see what the rh is. It may be higher than you want it and thus causing more of a grass (chlorophyll) smell. If 70% ±, may need to dry a little more. Otherwise, keep the jars open for a little longer.