Losing my hairs on 8 week old autos

I have 8 week old auto flowering plants one is Carmel and the other two are Tangerine all were free seeds from MSNL out of England. They went into flower after 4 weeks of veg and have been flowering for 4 weeks . In a period of about a week all the hairs have disappeared. I thought the flower time for both of these was about 7-10 weeks yet after 4 they seem to be fading out. What is going wrong with my plants?

Welcome to the forum. Pictures or it didn’t happen :grinning: in natural light, of whole plant and zoom to issue.


Need pictures for better understanding but by all means if the buds mature harvest that stuff

The way it’s described, sounds like it went back into veggie stage.

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Or pollinated.

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how or why would a plant go back into veg state?

Light, if you switch plant light from 12s back to a 20/4 or a 18/6 it will revert. I just did that on purpose with a skunk i cloned.

I did it cause im out of those seeds and wanted to make a mother out of one.

These plants are growing outside and with autos you can leave lights on 24/7 and it supposedly does not change anything for flowering.

Hard to even say what happened, we can’t diagnosis this particular issue without pics, could be a # of things.

here are three pics 2 showing no hairs on the buds


any body have any comments after looking at the photos? Best I could do showing no hairs on the buds.

@longwing. That’s a new one on me.
Let me tag a couple folks.
@Myfriendis410. @Covertgrower.
Any thoughts fellas on what could be going on. . :v:

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Looks like they went through the swell, and the pistil either receded or it fell off. Just my thoughts.

@Hellraiser you ever seen this?

No idea. It’s an auto so not revegging (likely not)

I’d check for pests, the only time I’ve seen buds stop developing was with root aphids. Dig around in the soil a bit and see if you see any bugs on the roots.

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Could be a speed auto. Some finish from seed in 5 weeks they say.

Could they have pollinated?

I can see the pistel on the bottom right bud coming out the tip and it might be the genetic