Losing leaves and drying up


A question from a fellow grower:

im growing 6 plants under a 1000w m/h lite.i have the bulb 30 inches up from top of plants.plants are clones given to me,only 2 of them are having problems.the plants are beautiful green and growing nicely,except the 2 that have lost several fan leaves.first the very bottom fan leaf as soon as that leaf dried up and died the next leaf up did same thing.it starts drying up from tip,not turning brown really,just drying and dying.plants were transplanted a week and a half ago.after transplanting i watered with straight well water next was mild dosed water using earth juice nutes.pro mix h/p is soil im using.temp in room is 72 deegrees.i also added some fox farm root drench i had laying around to water for a microbial root booster.the first week i had light on 18hrs a day,now im on 24hr per day.thats all i can think of to tell you.other than i recieve bergmans growing tips and i will be buying some seeds for next crop.i love you guys and i need some special help


Yellowing of the bottom leaves is normal, some times leaves get “nutrient splash” due to when watering some get on leaves. Now if it’s the middle of the plant different. Your nutrients and soil are good as temp. plants need a 18/6 light cycle , they need sleep to NO; 24 hr light !!!, as found out one needs to treat clones a it different