Losing color! Advice please

I’m in week 4 with three nice plants. Yesterday I noticed some yellowing of lower leaves; I pinched those off. Today I’m seeing color loss on more leaves. I suspect I need to add nutrients but before I do anything, I’d like to see what you all think. First photo,

trouble, second photo, new top growth.

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She’s ready for some nutes, I think she’s hungry.


Thanks, I used some miracle grow, half the strength on instructions.
Should I pinch off those light leaves or are they still able to do the plant some good.

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I would pinch them off @Supernoobie…they are too far gone…


should have fed those plants a couple of weeks ago.


What size pots
Look a lil root bound to me as well

Thanks everyone.

Learning curve going on here.

Was going to repot today but got sidetracked by the sudden yellowing.

Hope these girls recover.

Next group I will fertilize earlier!

I didn’t sprout all my seeds, knowing this first group would be the guinea pigs!


So what size are the pots?

Id look for a different nutrient than mg. other than that… @raustin got ya covered

Update…transplanted into larger buckets…the roots were pretty thick but did not resist sliding out of the smaller pots in one nice chunk.
Now, since I watered a lot for the transplant I might have washed out the nutes from yesterday.
Also I had to rearrange my lighting rig, temporary.
Any suggestions, should I let them alone for a day before I do more nutes? And, what’s good that I can I get at a garden store?
No time to wait for Amazon.

Ok, I ordered the Foxfarm products but they won’t be here until this weekend. I think I should shoot the ladies another dose of MG, that’s all I have access to. Then I will switch to FF from now on. They seem ok since the transplant yesterday. Yes, I did drill drainage holes in the bottom if those buckets.
I dont want them to get over 39 inches tall. I will refer questions about that to another forum.

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