Losing all leaves flower

I have a lot of ILGM plants now and they all do the same thing to me…

The leaves start yellowing and dying when the plants go into flower. The are green as can be until they flower.

Here is the 4-week progression of flowering of these Autoflowers:

4X2 SF2000 LED
MG Potting Mix and Espoma Organic Potting Soil
About 30% Perlite
Espoma Organic Plant-Tone All Purpose Dry Granular
Espoma Tomato-Tone Organic Fertilizer
Water pH 6.5-6.6

I mix dry fertilizer in the soil when planting, then I give about 1cup/ month topdress. The first topress is as soon as they show pistils. The plants are green and healthy until they start flowering. Then, all the leaves slowly yellow and die, including sugar leaves. Every strain of my 8 autoflower strains.

I do battle a little powdery mildew but spray with organic fungicide once or twice during veg. The green plant in there was also sprayed. They Akzo do this if not sprayed. There are some fungus gnats being stuck to traps, they don’t seem too bad.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Probably nute burn if using Miracle Grow. MG and cannabis don’t get along so well. Might be good for tomatoes, but not weed.


They also did it in Espoma Organic Potting Soil

Not nute burn (at least mostly, i do see some N burn). PK deficiency. Specifically K looks like. Potassium. Id boost both. Its that all purpose fertilizer. Weed has nutrient requirement changes as she goes into diff stages.

N - Nitrogen = in high demand during flower. Thats why they were so lusciously green. Healthy nutes for that stage.

Phosphorus - P = in high demand in flower. Makes big huge buds.

K - Potassium = high demands later veg and early flower. Makes healthy roots, stems, etc.

N Shoots, P Fruits, K Roots.

Those hot yellow outside edges look like Potassium deficiency… could be pH is locked out. Could be plants are rootbound. But its about the time weed plants need bloom booster shots. And using one all purpose fertilizer thru a whole grow and seeing the same issue? Id bet its P or K.

Second look there are alot more tips curling then first glance. Yea N burn too. My bad @MidwestGuy

@KeystoneCops what u thinkin it is man?

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What region/country are you in?

I only use the All Purpose when mixing up the soil with extra Perlite. The monthly feeds are only the Tomato-Tone.

No matter how much food I give or don’t give, the don’t stay green.

The are not root bound. They are in 5ga pots and they only take up about half the pot usually (judging from my last 4 harvests).

I’m suspecting pH problem with the soil and/or dry organic nutrients.

I’ve tried messing with the light height and dimness but didn’t seem to help.

Here, look at these other others that got all messed up on me… what is going on here…?

I’ve tried different soils, nutrients, lighting, and watering.

North East USA

What the the NPK values of the All purpose, Tomato Tune, and what soil this round

N could you do a slurry test?

If it’s nute burn, why wouldn’t it happen until they start flowering? Even before more nutrients are added?

They use N heavily in veg? As they need less but its still available it burns tips

This advice isn’t going to help immediately, but I strongly encourage you to start building your own mix or go completely soilless. Either way, ProMix HP makes a great base. If you want the water-only convenience of soil, you can amend with organic inputs (compost, blood meal, bone meal, rock phosphate, perlite, etc). Or you can treat ProMix like a hydroponic system in that you water with a nutrient solution.

The current setup feels slapdash, and I can’t offer any advice beyond don’t do it like this.


Phosphorus and something else, definitely need a ticket for this one

If you are always having problems like that in flowering then time to change something, I’d start with changing the flowering nutes as that’s when you are having issues. I’m seeing a mix of previous burn and current deficiencies. Time to change things up if you want different results.

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Please dont forget this part @JabzXtreme i know alots going on. Alot of good growers chiming. Especially the PoPo and Blue HellBoy lol

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I would suggest a proper cannabis soil (Black Magic, Roots Organic, or FF Happy Frog) and cannabis nutes such as Advanced Nutrients, Fox Farm, or Jack’s. You can keep it under control throughout the grow(s) that way.


Been having similar problems, bone meal and epsom salt has helped I think. Hard to tell as they are so late in flower and some yellowing is to be expected. The brown splotches was what worried me.
Now :arrow_down:

Leaf from earlier :arrow_down:

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NPK not ideal for cannabis and anything slow release is not ideal as well.


I suspect that potash is way too high, causing a nitrogen deficiency.