Loosing my mind

I just popped these suckers off of 3 plants. Not sure what im doing wrong. Need helo. Please

Please fill out a support ticket, so members can help. Thank you.

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This is not uncommon with new growers. This appears to be a “nutrient deficiency”.

It may or may not be that the soil or nutrients you are feeding your plants don’t have enough of something or another. More often these “deficiencies” are often caused by a pH that is too far out of range, or has been far from optimal for a long time.

The optimal pH for soil is about 6.5pH and the optimal pH for hydro is 5.8pH. If you are using a mostly “soil-less” mix, like made mostly of horticultural peat or “coconut coir” – the ideal pH will be somewhere between soil and hydro. Most run about 6.0 - 6.3 in “soil-less” mixes.

If I had to guess by the look of the leaves alone, my first guess would be that it looks to be a magnesium deficiency, but it might be a nitrogen, calcium, phosphate, or even iron deficiency or any combination.

Very often new growers run into a calcium/magnesium issue caused by a pH that is too far from ideal.

check out Robert’s guides at the link below:

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Went and got a ph meter. The water im feeding reads 6.3 the actual soil is ranging 5.6 and 5.9 but the run off is at 6.3. Should i be bringing up the soil ph ?

No I would leave it, that’s a good spot for soil I believe. @garrigan62 knows all though, let’s see what he says! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:️

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That’s it, just leave it there for now.

Will. Thanks ktree

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