Loose Bud formation on Outdoor Autoflower

Can anyone recognise and or explain how and why some autoflowers form loose buds? This happened to me last Autumn and I put the issue down to planting late in summer and the root ball in the pots was exposed to cold weather.
But one AF (white widow) this summer is in flower and the forming flowers are very loose. I hope someone can help explain this peculiar occurrence?
This summer has been very cool. One week it hardly got above 16 deg C. I feel the cold weather is a contributor but cannot be certain.
I grow outdoors.

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Either two late in season or the crappie weather. There auto so that’s would be my guess

Unfortunately bad phenotypes. I’ve had several. Not really anything you can do.

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Does this cannabis plant growth pattern have a name?

Is there much or anything written about it? In one case last year I had 4 from 4 do this, all AF in Autumn.
Thanks for the reply.

When you harvest whille they’re still wet you can squeeze them together with your hands (wear gloves) to tighten them up, but if its for your own personal smoke though I wouldn’t even bother with this step.

It’s only been autos that did this for me. Photos have been solid as can be. With exception to a laughing Buddha I grew. That was a photo and had semi fluffy buds.