Looks tired, but am I looking into too much?


Hi all,
CBD Dutch Treat, started on November 6th. DWC with air stone, lights are LED at 18/6. Has been growing without concern so far, roots are as white as can get. PPM sitting at exactly 300, pH 6.0. Using Green Planet nutrients. Reservoir changed a week ago, still looks good.
My concern is that the plant looks tired, leaves folding downward. Color is still good.
I only noticed this today.
Any thoughts?


PH for hydro…should be 5.8 or so. 6.5 for soil.

Yes, you have noticed the leaves are showing stress. Back off the ph to hydro levels and take the nutes down a little…you should notice major improvement in a day or so.


How high is the water level in your res…?
Make sure that you have a 1inch air gap between the water level and net basket… also make sure that there is nothing wrong with the air stones or lines…:wink:



Reservoir is 1-1/4" below the pot. Stones are aerating well. I’ve downed the pH to exactly 5.8 and ppm are now down to 200


I forgot to thank you both @tanlover442 and @peachfuzz or the quick assistance!


No prob. Keep us updated in a few days.


What did you start the seed in?
Rockwhool, jiffy pellet ?
Are the roots in the water yet?
The reason I ask is because what I’m seeing says its getting to much water… I know that your in dwc , but maybe you might need more oxygen in the water or lower the water level a lil more or if it’s in a rockwhool cube surrounded by clay balls , maybe you can pick it up and put more clay balls in there and underneath the cube if you can… :wink:
Most people in dwc and rdwc dont understand that you need a dry trunk or your plant will damp off… :wink:



Good point. This one was started in coco/perlite and transplanted into clay pellets to continue in DWC. Roots are well established in the water, measuring 22" long.

With the other changes, should I give a greater air space?


What size air pump are you running and what size air stones?
So theres nothing inside the net basket other then clayton?
Fill the net basket with clayton to the top if there is nothing else in there…
If everything I said is spot on , then next thing will be , what is your water temps… the water might be to cold… get a fish tank thermometer at wallyworld for a dollar so you can monitor if you haven’t already… :wink:

No … 1 to 2 inches should be fine… when going into flower I will let water level fall 1 inch every 3 weeks to keep the plants and trunk healthy… :wink:
Keep in mind that I doint use any media… I grow with neoprene collars and that’s it…


Compressor is 950gph (60L/min), the air stones are 4" x 2" diameter, the container is 17gal.

There is nothing else buy clay pebbles in the basket. I’ve just added more stones, flush with the basket.

Temp could be something, it’s 19.7 degrees Celsius (67.4F).


Thank you everyone, she’s not completely happy yet, but we have some improvement!


Things are looking better. Noticed a pH climb today, so it’s corrected again.


Thank you everyone. Here is an update. A change in nutrients, adding some cal-mag and adding light has helped tremendously!


I noticed this tonight while topping up food and water. Is this a pistil? I haven’t flipped it yet, but recently went back to 18/6 from 24/0 (by mistake). Took a week to bring the timer back to 18/6. Eating and drinking very well. All leaves perfectly green.

Here is a overall picture