Looks normal right?

Ilgm Trainwreck from power plant trio roughly ughhh gonna say at least 4 weeks into flower outdoor Ma. The weather here has been a struggle to say the very least as anyone that lives around here knows been very lucky so far with no pest issues or bud rot fingers crossed. UGH wishing I never said that but anyway why I’m starting this thread this has to be an odd ball genetic trait I’ve been growing plants inside and out for about 10 years and never came across this looks like one leader tried to become two then decided it didn’t want to. First time I’ve seen such a thing it’s healthy looking and producing bud just didn’t if more knowledgeable minds could tell me what it’s actually called. Besides a genetic mutation. Thanks all for any feedback in advance love this forum great people doing wonderful things taking time out of there day to respond to the masses!!! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the weekend like I am.



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It probably had some damage early on, even very minor and sort of topped it’s self. It happens I had my very first plant do the exact thing.
Likely it increased your yeilds.

Looks healthy if it can stay upright lol

Thanks I wasn’t sure that picture is only one branch of a much larger plant I didn’t get the most recent one

This pic was from a week ago.


Hope you don’t have any wind, I might take a piece of rebar and drive it down into the pot to tie the plant off. One big wind gust could destroy your plant! It’s nice!

Thanks I’m going to try to get over to my girls mom’s house today to get an updated picture

That’s My girl right now she is so far behind the curve stacking on bud I’m not sure what I’m going to get out of her before the first frost!! UGH!!! Growing in New England this year has been a total pain in the ass for sure!!!

We’ve had so much rain I already lost 3 plants to root rot they were all guerilla grows but all said and done it hurts the final end result!!!

That’s my 9’ monster right now and she is in the same boat so far behind the curve stacking on bud I’m really hoping that the next few weeks stay dry and above freezing or a lot of time and energy and effort may just go to waste. Fingers crossed though for sure!!!

That’s ilgm femenized train wreck put outside for the season on 4/ 29/21

Not really sure why it’s leaning away from the sun??? But unfortunately my beloved mother in law just informed me that my baby might have to go away to make room for a Grammy she shed. WTF!!! Couldn’t that wait 3 more weeks Grammy WTF again I really need to start growing outside on my own property some day!!!