Looks like Wilt? Suggest a treatment?

Looks like I’m losing this one.

This plant is wilting, but is it “Verticillium Wilt” or Fusarium Wilt? And maybe I don’t care, just how to treat it.

This a Gorilla Glue, from clone. Harvest would be in maybe 2 weeks, if I try to keep it.
Outdoor grown, FFOF soil base with added worm casings, coco fiber, perlight, etc. Adding CalMag and organic bloom nutrients, with pH water weekly. 7 gallon pot with saucer.

Sprayed heavy with Serenade bacillus subtilus(sp?), also spraying Spinosad for caterpillars. I have 10 plants near harvest, don’t want this to spread. Should I be treating the soil? Is there a better fungicide than Serenade bacillus subtilus?

oh no!! bud rot… the only way ive heard about solving that problem is to cut it out like cancer. i havent grown enough to have this problem yet. sorry for your loss

can you at least separate any healthy plants from the diseased ones?

I’m familiar with normal bud rot, and this is not it. In the early stage I thought it might be nutrient burn, small leaves turned yellow, because I’m over feeding a little in flowering cycle. But now colas are dying off, and probably half of the plant is infected.

I cut off most of the “bad” colas, and can drag the 7 gallon container farther from my other plants.

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i wish i knew more. @raustin

I would cut off everything that looks bad, all of it, and try to save your good plants. You might consider harvesting your good plants early.


@Budlite listen to @raustin shes very knowledgeable

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I really know very little about bud rot except that once you have it you really can’t get rid of it and it spreads extremely quickly.

Looks like that plant has been fried

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I initially cut out the bad branches and moved the plant away from everything else. Sprayed and soaked with peroxide spray and a bacillus sprays. There actually are green buds in there with ripe trichomes, but I chose not to be tempted, and cut it all down for garbage. I did not save the soil.

The roots are rotten, kind of a puffy fiber.
My lessons learned are that you can’t save a plant with wilt.

Looks like bud rotor sever root bound

Buds look fine, just looks like the leaves are cooked

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This was my first thought when I saw these pictures, I thought it was the worst nutrient burn I’ve ever seen, I’ve been wrong before though

Happy b-day buddy. You going gray yet?

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Lol no, and I get those damn cakes mixed up all the time too, it’s actually my one year anniversary here LOL

Close enough I reckon. Hey, you grow scrog style right? Have you seen the flux method. If not, look it up, I found it on growweedeasy

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I think I’ve read about it before @HornHead but i would need to go back for a refresher

I just looked it up lol.

Lots of outdoor growers have been pretty much doing the same thing for a long time

This one was done using twenty two 9’ bamboo sticks and string



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