Looks like there still in pre flowering

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

my auto is 2 months and looks like there still in pre flowering and I thought it only takes 3 months

Times are a average so may go either way a little bit
Looks like you may have or had some issues there as well hard to really see under led light tho a picture in natural light would be best
What size light you using ?
Once autos start building flowers they will normally take off in my experience

What type of light got are u using? How far away is the light? And are u using nutes?

Need a support ticket. There are definitely some issues with her. Taco leaves, red in between some veins, yellowing veins…

Three months is usually in reference to flowering time. About like advertisement for photoperiod plants.

The difference is that you can bud an auto in Spring and Summer instead of having to wait until Fall to harvest.

I’ve seen autos start to flower within 30 days of germination. I’ve also seen them take up to nearly 60 days. It depends on how strong the ruderalis gene is in your seed.

Let’s see if we can get together and get your girl back to healthy first. The longer growth time before flowering will only help her get bigger.

First thing first, support ticket please…