Looks like she's dying but she's not ready


This is a sour diesel grown in half supersoil and half Coco. It’s been going like mad until I went to pure water at 6.2. now all the fan leaves are curling down. The trichomes are mostly milky, but I want half Amber before I harvest. It’s been 11 weeks in flower. They were all flowering when I switched to 12/12. I used time manipulation on the light to ease them in. I wouldn’t think I should go back to feeding them? Anyway, I want maximum effects from this strain. It’s the reason I’m growing. It’s effect on helping my back pain is remarkable.


She looks a lil over watered more then anything… :wink:
Would need to see a pic in natural light to tell what your trichomes are looking like… :wink:

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Lil rest lot of water nothing looks to be dieing


Sorry about that. Wrong picture. Maybe these will be better.

I ordered one of those clip on cameras that magnify. The best I can do right now is a 40x loupe held up to the phone.


I don’t mean to sound dumb but here goes. In my high brain I am thinking how do I get my plant to natural light? I don’t want them to be in the light then go into the dark then back into the grow room again. :no_mouth: I have a grow room with about a 20 foot hallway to it from the rest of the house, its pitch dark down said hallway. If I take my plants into natural light to get a better picture and back into the grow room again, will this mess with the ladies? Or at day 80 of flower, does it really matter? The reason I am asking is 2 of my 8 plants look and have looked odd for a few days now, well for a while actually, they both look angry LOL the leaves at on the main cola are small and dark green, kind of shiny, then in the middle and at the bottom the leaves look normal. Sorry if this sounds confusing but I am really high on some good good Trainwreck and I am typing faster than I can think.


You could either go into the flower room 5 min before or 5 min after light’s out with a good 5000 to 6500 k led flash light and get a good look at your trichomes that way , or drag the plant out of the flower room into a better light sorce other then led… :wink:
I don’t recommend the latter , to many issues to deal with and I refuse to touch my plants anytime after 3 weeks of light flip , until there finished… :wink:

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I am growing Autos at the moment so I am on 18/6 light schedge. I was just looking on Amazon for a jewelers loupe, I am gonna order one tomorrow.


I would advise getting a micro viewer over a loupe. I have a nice 40X loupe and I still can’t see the trichomes as good as I like. I got a Carson mini micro viewer for $10 on Amazon and it makes all the difference. They are not the easiest thing in the world to use. The best thing is to carefully pluck a sugar leaf of of a bud and look at it on steady flat surface.


I was thinking on the same lines as @peachfuzz with over watering @skgrower I have the same scope and agree it’s a pain in my he arse to use but I have several at this point and have found that they all are Hahahaha
Happy growing :+1: :v:️ CB