Looks like pistils on seedling

My Brother I’m gonna get with you on the dry ice trick. I may do it on this grow! :wink: I’m at work but I’m gonna catch up in a few hours :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Absolutely my brother. Check gn later on. I’ll dm you over there. :wink::+1:

Have a safe day Darrell. :crossed_fingers:



Its :point_up_2: obviously subjective to your tolerance… don’t try this at home, and not while you hungry …:smiling_imp::wink::joy::joy::sunglasses::v:


Yes. Yes. Yes. :point_up::point_up:
Definitely not to be taken lightly.
Strongly suggest you Resist the urge for seconds. :joy:
Someone that had a lower tolerance would be very uncomfortable at that amount.
For somebody newer to edibles and dosing always start with a smaller dose and see how it goes from there. If it’s not where you want to be you can always take another.
Too strong of a dose and it can get interesting and even a bit scary if ur not ready for it.
No. Don’t call the ER. :joy:. You’re not dying.
But you may want to go have a nap if you can get the bed to stop spinning long enough to fall asleep. :wink:

Hope yas have a high one folks. :drooling_face:



Whaahaahàaaa…damn…just followed your recipe…let’s see…:wink::sunglasses::v:


Oh yeah. :clap::partying_face::+1:

:musical_score:We gonna get high high high. :musical_score:

Think Beatles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

You gotta let us know the outcome brother. :joy:



…looking at the world through a flying Unicorn’s arse…you should make this with CBD strains, least you be sitting next to your own body …:sunglasses::v:


I think that trumps giraffe lips. :joy::+1:

:joy::joy::joy:. I will brother. I will. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Sorry bro. Tad strong ? :thinking:. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hope ur feelin ok now my brother. :+1:
Oh. And happy Sunday morning wake n bake btw.



LOL :joy::joy:…I ain’t baking sh*t from any of your recipes…

Have a good one my friend…hope you and yours are safe and well…:sunglasses::v:


Girls are getting a bit bigger now. :wink:

Seem to be liking the 6/2.
Even the autos.

The lil nutlet in the second pic has got me a bit curious where it’s a auto fem. :thinking:
Pistils on the other side so we’ll just keep an eye on it for now. :wink:

Stay safe and lit folks. :mask::drooling_face:



Happy Sunday funday to everyone. :partying_face::+1:
Hope ur all gettin high an lovin life.

Group pic.

7 weeks since germ. Got the 600 at 100% and 18-20 in above the kids.
So far only got 1 protester with the one white rhino. Bit of fringe curl is still there.
Humidity is up to 46 % from 26 a week ago.
Temps seem good at 78 f.
I tried moving it to a different spot a bit further from the most direct light but no change that I could tell so put her back where she was.

The 2 NL autos. 1 w / pistils. 1 with the odd one.
Definitely 2 different pheno’s. Leaf colour and structure are diff. Even smells different on a stem rub. :thinking:. We’ll see.

The W R self topper is now back to a normal 2 stem node on each branch.

And the funky single fan leaf at the split. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also topped the tallest Sour D to help the lowers catch up some.
Probably going to take clones from them next weekend.
Can’t wait to try the new aero cloner. :+1:

Stay safe and lit folks. :mask::drooling_face:



My Brother Barry words can’t express how I feel about your grow. :+1: But you know how I feel and I’m stoked about the cloner! :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Thank you Darrell. :+1:
Super stoked about this summers grow.
Most of these are going to a buddy’s place on the mountain
As well as the clones so looking forward to seeing what they can really do in his care.