Looks like leaves are being eaten

Hi, I just noticed what appears to be bites out of my leaves. These are indoor plants, so I shouldn’t have any of the outdoor nuisances. I have some issues with PH and nutrients which I am working on and had gnats which are mostly under control. It seems like I’m going through every adversity, but I can’t figure this leaf thing out. FYI–these are Blackberry Kush.

I tried to upload an image below, but I’m not sure it worked. (I’m not very tecnilogically advanced) and I don’t see a way to attach files like I am used to.
Thanks for your assistance.

They look a little heat stressed or light stressed.

Also could be from the fungus gnats the larvae cause root problems. Which will pop up all kinds of wierd symptoms

Thanks, I thought it could be but hoping not. Do you know the fix?

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Have u treated the medium yet. U can with different thing exspecially if ur only in veg. Now is the time to get rid of them before u flower.

The best cure for fungus gnats is BTi. You can find it on eBay. 1-2oz is all you need for one plant.

what would cause this and please what’s the cheapest way to fix

Hey @Justin2 welcome to the forum. If I may make a suggestion. I would start a new post and fill out a ticket so myou can get the best advice possible. I will post a pic on how to start a new post and a link so you can copy/paste and fill out a support ticket. The more info the better help you will receive.

Here is the ticket link. Good luck!

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