Looks like it could be heat stress?

Using a “1000” watt blurple. Manufacturer states for this model, no closer that 30cm, about 12’’. Had the light 13.5 from canopy.
From what I found searching different posts, leaves curling up is normally heat stress, but if I am incorrect, please let me know. I had raised my light to now be 20’’ from her canopy.
I thought maybe mag. Deficiency, but my nutes (floro flex) does have magnesium. (2%)
Please let me know if my assumptions are correct, I could be way off.


Ive never actually seen an 1000 watt blurple but hey? The plant looks fine… dont over think stuff, just do the ph and ec according to plan and keep records. Make sure the solution is not too high. Keep temps in check, and wait for a real problem before you do anything.


@Cannabian label says 1000 I am fully aware it is much lower.
First grow and I am trying to head off any issues before they become problems, but if you believe there is no issue, I will defer to a more expierienced grower.
Thanks for the info.

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Yeah maybe someone with more experience can help? Good luck and enjoy!

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Happy little plant you got there. Nothing to see here.

Rock on.


its a beautiful thing aint it!

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I meant you had more experience in this case @Cannabian

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Its all good man Im a big boy! I just dont see a problem worth getting worried about. I think wide leaves unfurl kinda funny sometimes and yes, you may have a tad of heat stress but nothing serious. You can move the light a few inches away and see how that works? Does the plant get stretchy? Is it over bushy and too compact? Maybe lamp is too close? Play with it like clay! Have fun! Its supposed to be enjoyable… relieve stress! Dammit!

Helicopter dad
I’m trying, need to smoke a joint and chill.

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Yeah check out some of the other hydro growers threads. They will have success and some troubles you can learn from.

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