Looks like crystals on leaves

Anyone know what this is?
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Also wondering if this is ready to harvest.

Those are the trichomes where all the THC is. You’re ready to harvest when they turn cloudy and amber colored. I’d say yours is ready.

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Thank you raustin

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You’re very welcome.

My pistells are fairly white but the tri’s are very milky and starting to go brown. Should i crop now or just wait for more brown pistells?


Make sure you’re looking at the trichs on the bubuds and not the leaves in the buds. The leaves will turn amber faster than the buds. Keep waiting if your pistils are still white.


Thanks. Raustin. Maybe to eagar lol

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Still a lot of white pistells

Yeah, she’s not ready. She’s going to fatten up over the next week or two. Very nice bud. Keep an eye on the trichs.

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Oh ya, mine was just on the leaves. I will check the buds on mine also.


Sorry for jumping on your post dave68.
Thanks again Rustin.
Looks like im flushing a little longer lol :grin:

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IMG_20180912_003458_238 IMG_20180912_003458_237

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Getting there