Looks like a water cooler will be needed

Got the grow tent mostly finished, now I’m running it to make sure the temps are correct while seeds germinate.
I had a bunch of poe cameras from the old house that i really like in the grow to monitor things.

I will put in another reservoir for topping my main one off.

I’m monitoring the water temps, and while only running my lights at 40% the water temp is increasing to the point I’ll definitely need to add a water chiller…so I’ve got one arriving on friday…


Everything you’ve done is sensible. Your space looks very clean as well.

Is the a MedicGrow EC-8?


It’s a mammoth with LM301b’s

The water temp monitor is really working out great, had no problems with my network or uploading data.

Be very cautious of the cameras. The ir lights may cause plants to hermie.

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