Looks like a sack

Last year was my first year growing and I had all females, this year I have more chances for males, so if I’m not mistaken, these look like boy parts to me…

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Id give it a few days and see if those sacks bunch together. Then you will know its a male.


Thanks bud, its days are numbered as of now. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it over the next day or 2. There are 4 females right near this one so my anxiety may get the best of me and it may end up gone today :grimacing:


Looks male.

Can you isolate it just in case it is, and if its not then you can bring her back to join the party?

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There’s a new node that has what looks like a hair coming off it, I’ll try and get a good picture…

Got in there with the phone and jewelers loupe…

I’m thinking its going

I’ve got 10 over all and 4 confirmed females so far, so I dont mind at all making an early call on possible males, no attachment is here…kill em dead

100% male

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Damn it imSICKkid beat me, but I agree.

Consider it dead

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Yoink! And hes goneria!

Here we go again…think im yanking this one too…

What do you all think?

Possible, keep an eye on it to be sure. For awhile.

Here’s some more shots of the new suspect