Look'it all the hair! BUDS EVERYWHERE!

Day 12 of flower and all seems to be going well. I baby the shit out of’em! I knew I could do it!!!


Congrats buddy! …keep it up
-good luck

I predict shaving day to be a happy one! :wink:

Thanks guys!!! I’m do’in my best to get it right!!!

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Also, what kind of a realistic yield can I expect from these 4 - AK - 47 plants??? They are 24" + right now and look to have quite a few buds developing on each plant!

hard to say till the end could be 1 ounce per plant or 4 ounces per plant all depends on how much nutes they get their genes and lights but as of right now they look real good

Nothing like some hairy girls!! Yum!!!

Me too. Lol. My baby is looking very healthy like this.

Beautiful. Congrats. I am a newbie and I am amazed and a very proud Mama myself. So much fun seeing all the work pay off.

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Any pics of ur babies???

Hey Gilly. I waited till the lights went out at 5 to take these pics. The two in the tents are in week 5 of flower. The three outside are obviously vegetating and I’m not totally sure how old. So much fun.



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By waiting till your dark period to take pics won’t that make ur plants go back to veg ??? [the flash?] Other than that, they look fantastic girl!!! Keep up the great grow!!!



Thanks Gilly. The lights had just turned off for their 12 hour rest. Hope not. I just can’t seem to take a good pic with my phone with the lights on. Hate the yellowish look. Good luck with your grow as well. :grinning:

Looking good man

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No you shouldn’t have any problem with turning a light back on for a few minutes. Just don’t do this repeatedly haha, great looking plants though! Good job.


It is not an issue to have very brief light exposure during dark cycle it’s the repeated or constant light leakage into room that interferes a camera flash is no different than a lightening strike in the wild when people say uninterrupted dark cycle they mean don’t turn lights on and tend plants or let light leak into flower room for prolonged periods. It is a precaution more than anything to stay out during dark cycle but many growers use a green light to tend their plants in the dark rather than going in during light cycle I use a green led for this HID’s are hard on the eyes and damn warm too leaf washing and bug treatments are best done during dark cycle


Great info my man!!! Always nice ta learn sump’thin new!

I read recently that the issue of hermaphrodites from light during the dark cycle is mostly an issue with feminized seeds, and that regular seeds that turn out female are far less likely to be susceptible, but I have no personal experience in the matter.


I think it would be like lightning in a storm. A quick flash.