Looking to waterproof floor of grow room

  • Tile
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber

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Looking to water proof a plywood subfloor with a drain. Having tough time deciding which way to go.


Try using a similar flex seal
rustoleum also makes same thing some are sold in gallon so you can roll it out


@Smokin_ernie have you considered a vinyl floor? It comes in a roll of Solid material, soft and waterproof. You just glue it to the floor :+1:

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Home improvement stores sell thick synthetic rubber material that goes under showers. I think it would be a little tougher than seamless vinyl. Certainly waterproof. You might also be able to use a small above ground pool liner.

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You could possibly find rubber membrane for
Roofing that might work as well. The shower thing would work well also. @Smokin_ernie like what @1BigFella said.

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If you are putting down plywood, you could use some thin furring strips under it so the sheets all drain slightly to the floor drain. That would make it tough to get rubber or vinyl to lay down flat but it would work with the stuff you paint on.


I am using 40 mil pond liner on the floor to contain any spills. I purchased it years back from a pond supply store.

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Thanks I will look into that. I am thinking some kind of rubber floor will be used.