Looking to up grade my exhaust fan

Have you checked the pre filter on the carbon filter as it could be clogged causing the fan to struggle. Or the carbon filter could need replaced


Yea it was a new filter hardly used. the fan I picked up from swap meet for $5 I’m sure it just not to good.

I was just getting ready to say exactly what @Skydiver but, that seems not to be the issue :v:

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So if you run the fan without the filter hooked up does it still lack flow?
FYI no need to hook carbon filter up until later in the grow when that wonderful smell comes.

I would also run the fan + carbon filter but with the pre filter covering off and see how that works. The pre filter can look clean but really needs washed.

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@Skydiver been running it without the carbon this grow in the final week now but wasn’t getting any pull with the sleeve off either so I just took filter off. Just wanted to get a new one for when I flip these stinky organic girls.

If you haven’t ordered yet here is another option to consider.

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@Skydiver thanks going to take a look also looking to get better lighting I was advised on some light on my grow journal going back to take a look at getting that also. What’s your advice on lights

For a 4x4 I would get (and I have them) 2 HLG 260 XL with r-Spec. I use 2 to cover 1/2 of one of my 4x8 tents and they work great.


That’s the light I was advised on do you have to buy extra parts or is it a kit with everything I just have to put it together?

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It’s a kit that you put together that has everything needed. If you want to mount the driver outside of the tent you would need additional power cords to extend it and some wire that will probably be left over from the build to connect a ground to the driver as when mounted to heat sink that’s the ground.
You can also spend about $30 ? Extra and they will pre assemble it for you but it isn’t too difficult and many videos out there on assembling it plus people on here too.

Not sure if they still offer pre assembly or not
Not sure if they come with the rope hangers or not…there are about 4 retailers you can choose from that are linked at the HLG web site


I bought a hyperfan a month or so ago. Fantastic. Beats the crap out of the i power and vivosun fans I’ve been using.

The phresh filter is the size of a keg.


The hyper fan is awesome and at 1/2 the energy use and as it runs 24/7 365 it adds up. Yea the Phresh filters are monsters but they say last 2 years and better based on the added cost.

Did you get the advanced controller too? One that adjusts speed automatically based on your settings?


Just the speed controller that comes with it. I already have temp and rh controllers (although they’re led and I’m open to suggestions for the flowering area).

@Skydiver were did you get your light? I see some sites have it $100 cheaper than the HLG website. Don’t want to get ripped off but $100 is alot to save. I’m bout to look into this place growace dot com.

Lmao that didn’t take long to find out that sites not worth the gamble lol

Well as far as I know the only authorized resellers are linked on HLG main site. I got mine from growerslights and also another HLG model from ledgrowlightsdepot these and 2 others are available from a drop down on the HLG main site.
Are the ones your finding actual HLG or on alibaba etc?
There are other competing lights similar to HLG like spider farms 4000 etc that do cost less

There are some advantages to having 2 separate fixtures covering a 4x4 versus just one like being able to have one at different height than the other due to plant height etc. if one stops working at least you have the other until you get things fixed or replaced etc

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I went to the website didn’t see the xl so just looking around I googled too see if the xl was different than the one on the web page. I didn’t see a pull down menu of authorized resellers just seen them for sale. Just seem like the price is different then a link I was sent before. I’m going to check and make sure I was on there actual website and not someone else the first time. Thanks

The XL is extra long heat sink that better covers the 4 foot long run and boards have gap between them giving more even coverage.
The “regular” uses a different sized heat sink and boards are close together.
They used to have and may still offer one that’s wide heat sink…I think anyway

Edit was growershouse I gues not growerslights but things change and they could have at one time been a retailers hell I can’t remeber lol

Ok it was from growerslights and they still offer them just not shown as a retailer on HLG site so I don’t know if they still an Authorized retailer or closing out their stock???


Thanks again for your help I had to watch a couple assembly videos. Seriously thinking about putting this order in right now. Just really wondering if it will make that big of a difference. But everyone talks about how great of a light it is so I want to join the crowd.


I’m not sure what light you’re currently using, but HLG’s r-spec lights are worth every penny if you want to maximize your grow.

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