Looking to harvest before its too late..but when?


Hey just wondering if someone can help me figure out when or how much longer before i should harvest. I want to get my buds while they are still in the up beat energetic high stage if that makes sense. Im pretty sure its still too early but shes got alot of crystal action going on. Heres a pic…what yall think?


Try getting a clear picture of the trichomes you will want about 20% amber and milky looking


How long have they been in flower? What strain is it?



Pistils are all still white. Looks like you have a few weeks still best I can tell.


all you are seeing are hairs, pistils…you want the buds to plump up, to see what the hairs are growing from, to differentiate…they have to age a while.

trichomes are the true test…as @Oldstoner mentioned


i guess you have 6-8 weeks left. What strain is it and how long in flower?


I’m in complete agreement with @Wishingilivedina420state. Between 6 and 8 weeks to go. You look to be barely past stretch. Be patient because it will bulk up like crazy.


I wanna so close to 6 weeks if not then 5. Been too busy with work lately so my weeks have been blurred together. But its been a good solid month in flower stage. :blush:


Is that a month since you switched to 12/12 or a month since you saw the first signs of flower?


@Bogleg, you took the words out of my mouth. I’m guessing 3 weeks from 12/12 based on the flowers. :+1:


I posted this exact same question at about the exact same time in my grow. :slight_smile:


From what I understand, you want to harvest based mostly on the trichomes. Get a jeweler’s loop, microscope or the like and take a look at the crystals all over the buds. They will look like little mushrooms. Clear like glass is too early, milky like plastic is the energetic high, and amber is the color that gives you couch-lock. Everyone prefers different combos of milky and amber. It looks like you’ve still got a while before you even need to be checking the trichomes though. I’m new around here, so please, someone correct me if I’m wrong!


Thank you. I wasnt sure if they would really get any fatter than this since i grew it from a seed…but thinking about it this morning this plant has been going strong for a good 4 months!


Yes i want the energetic high thats why i started wondering while checking my baby out this morning. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask :laughing:


A month since she started budding


Shes a mystery to me…possibly tangie. But its medical grade from what i understand


Ya, keep an eye on her but you most likely have around 1 to 1 1/2 months left before you harvest. They look very healthy and frosty, keep it up, they will only improve!


Alright y’all I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just really anxious lol smh hoping i got back to everyone who was kind enough to answer my post you guys are the best…one more question…i have a house inspection by the city coming up this week i NEED to hide my plant…lol any ideas? I have a garage and also i giant over grown Christmas tree in the corner of my backyard. I was thinking somehow hide it in the tree? But its so cold at night now i might Jack up the progress. But in my garage im thinking i could hide her in a portable closet, you know the kind you get at Wal-Mart lol what yall think? Lol


The problem isn’t hiding the plant, the problem is hiding the smell. Odds are if it is in the house, he will smell it. If possible get it out of the house and air the house out for a day or two.

Best advice I have…


Burn one with the inspector?