Looking to buy new light

Hello, i’m looking to buy a new light and open to all suggestions. I’ve done research and willing to build but just looking for input and help. I’m located in Canada and looking for something that can flower and veg and for a 4x4 tent. I was looking at diy 600w hlg rspec v2 light for 1100 cad. Is there something better for around same price or would i be better off building. I’m looking for top notch something that would be better then cmh high end which i currently run and have been absolutely impressed with.

Rather than one big light I suggest getting two 260 xl fixtures because you can use one in veg and both in flower.


They have a sale right now and i can get hlg 550 r spec for 950 cad do you think this would be a good bet and better then 630w cmh? @Myfriendis410

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Or i can get the 600w QB288 V2 R spec LED Kit for 990 cad. Just not sure what to get… they dont offer the 260 f9r canada

I have the hlg 550 v2 Rspec and I love it. I do know other guys have 2 260 xl kits and I’ve never heard anything but great about them either. You can also dim the 550 down for veg

Awesome, thanks for reply. Do you think they would have better results then 630w cmh or comparable? Ya the 260w is not an option for me. Just the 550 and 600 kit is their much difference or would 600 be unnecessary in 4x4? @Jordo

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Right now; nothing beats top bin LED’s and HLG uses near latest tech. Either of those will be just fine for your space. I’d look for 3,000K. Once you get this you will never look back.

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Or sorry i can get 2 260w hlg kits for 922 cad


I don’t think those will fit: you need the XL (extra long).

Dang, the xl sold out

I like idea of one light. What would you do buy 600 or 550?

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Either one would do the job. You can run the 600 a little lower; increasing the efficacy and reducing power demand more than the 550 but not much more. Either will grow serious dense weed.

the 550 is more than enough for a 4x4

Much difference between 550 v2 rspec and 550 v2 eco? 100$ difference

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@dbrn32 could probably help you

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The hlg-550 r-spec is a more rigid fixture, includes 660nm leds, and has a little higher amount of overall light. Whether or not you could justify spending extra $100 for that stuff, I’m not sure. Not too long ago the hlg-550 was $1050 US, the 550 eco debut price is $650 US. So you can see there is a significant cost difference, just would be taking advantage of new product bringing down price of former flagship fixture.

I would just like what ever gives better results in the end for light performance @dbrn32

The hlg-550 r-spec is the superior light


Thanks for the help. Is there anything around the same price as 550 that you might recommend as a better light in overall performance and results? @dbrn32

There are bigger/better lights but none in same price range that I’m aware of. You would probably have to build yourself to do something like that.