Looking to buy an activeair 6" carbon filter not inline will the 16' suffice or should i buy the 24" , they cannot be reversed? thank you

looking to buy an activeair 6" carbon filter not inline will the 16" suffice or should i buy the 24" , they cannot be reversed? thank you

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Filter size is usually paired with the same fan size.


I believe they are asking if they should buy the 6" diameter carbon filter that is 16" long or one that is 24" long…
I’m not 100% sure :thinking:

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Am i correct or have i misunderstood your question?

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Okay. My bad. I get it now. I would go with the longer one. More airflow is always a good thing.


What??? Could you please be more clear. Maybe post a pic of each.

Yes and thank you for responding. as these fiters are closed end not inline and not reversible. the question is do they use all 24 inches of lenght or will 16 inch length suffice?
Thank You

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Are these the filters you was looking at?
This type i mean, not necessarily this exact one.

I like to ask people that are new to growing if smell is even a concern for them.
Carbon filters are only needed if a person needs or wants to hide the smell.
Most people only use them in flower when smell is kicking up…
Many others, my self included, where my house constantly recks because we smoke regularly, I do not run filters at all anymore…

The internet makes it seem like they are a must have but it’s not needed for everyone if you don’t have to hide it the smell.

These do use all of the surface area, and they are sorta reversible in a way.
But you can’t just flip it around like you would if it had a houseing and opened on the ends.
They do work with airflow in either direction but it has to be placed on opposite sides of the fan to achieve this.

Filter inside tent with fan pulling are into the filter
Or filter outside tent with fan pushing air out through the filter…

Some people build a box around the filter to create a housing like this. Usually this is only done if a person needs to use 1 filter for more then 1 tents.
The box (ran backs from my drawing) would allow a person to put as many inlets as they wanted to and exhaust through the same filter. (within reason of course)

I forgot to say, 16in may suffice, kinda depends on how big tent is and how “strong” the fan is.

Hi Pappy yes those are the exact filters

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How big is the tent and what fan will the filter be used with.
Also, will there be alot of ducting used?
I ask this because each bend or curve and bump in the ducting creates a little resistance in air flow as well as things like filters or silences create more resistance.

Most people just go up a size to ensure they have enough air flow, but we can do some math if you know the tent and fan info and get a more precise answer if you want…

Thanks for the time Pappy, I have 5 X 9 Gorilla and havent picked out a fan yet but seeking 400+ cfm, one 90 out the window.

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Awsome you already done the math :grin:
This is what i have, although looks like they have a new controller with more features then when i got mine.
A screen shot is best i can do, hopefully you can see the web address at the top.
Everything time i link to there site its gets removed :confused:
But this fan is 405 cfm.
Ac infinity is a good brand, some say the best :man_shrugging:

Thank You Pappy , Just bought this unit. funny the filter is 16" long 10% off with code uriel10ac from AC Infinity advanced growing facebook page. Thanks again for the recomendation and your time.


Ull like the ac infinity thats what i have 4 an exhaust. Runs 24/7 4 me and ive had it over a month and so far so good. It has temperature and humidity monitor so another plus.

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thank you for the input, do you find it fairly quiet?

I have 2 on them on 1 controller in my big tent and they have ran 24/7 for over a year now. I dont run filters so i have to take them apart and clean them between grows but it isn’t to bad.

If fan inside the tent it isn’t to bad but you do hear them.
I got so many going I’ve gotten use to it and cant sleep without them humming :rofl:.