Looking through the microscope

Hello 420 family this is a recent picture is it ready or the buds have more time for bulking. Looking for insight

these are the pictures that I meant to upload with the last thing I said

Kinda hard to tell with the glare in those pics. But it looks like you still have some time to go before its ready.

I’ll try to get better pics there is purple in my tricones on the tails or Amber I think they can get darker though like your said I’m figuring another couple weeks

Looks like the trichomes on pic1 are milky white so a couple more weeks might turn amber and then start losing potency. Where in the plant did your sample come from?

The leaves on the main cola are cupping so you might have some heat stress. I’d harvest the main cola and let the rest of the plant continue to catch up. :peace_symbol:

Yea man with the heat I had to flip from on day time off at night but my room was sitting at 86 now after changed the time I’m running bout 81/83 the only thing I can’t do anything about right now is the humidity I’m running about 60% humidity in that room that’s okay during vege I rather be around 40 I’ll take more pictures today I’ll post it and give me your opinion cuz I’m getting ready to whack them I don’t want to lose potency I’m also afraid I can end up with bud rot with all the humidity thanks for the insight

Last pictureis one of those you know on a nice node on the stem of it you break off so that the node gets all the juice