Looking through microscope

So it will stay alive until I kill it I didn’t take any pictures today but I did look through the microscope and even though clouded ones are starting to turn Amber the pics are from. Yesterday it’s a

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Just depends I’ve never let them go that long I wait til 10 percent amber is about where I prefer it some wait til it’s almost all amber and ide imagine that’s about the end of the life cycle… a lot of strains will start to foxtail and or go hermie if you wait to long becuase the plant knows winter is coming just like all plants… indoors is a little different becuase it generally doesn’t get colder indoors haha but once it’s 70-100 percent amber it’s over cooked and needs to be pulled and if you didn’t ide imagine it would just stop drinking water and start to degrade

I harvested half of it four or five days ago a quick dried it and now I’m curing it I guess I got maybe a zip and a half I already took a zip and a half off of it early pic all my girls that been in veg 3 months are flowering I’m going to have monsters

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Any specific reason you are quick drying, because a good long dry will greatly improve flavor and smoothness. Looks like some thick chunky bud good job!

Just so I have stuff to smoke quick dry to me is cutting hanging it for a day then place for hang it in the oven at 200 dg and let it run for 20 min or so till the sugar leafs are dry then place buds in mason jars closed open and close repetitive if it is to wet then leve out of jar till its ready to cure I got it down to a science I’m getting good tasty smoke without the weeks of drying the key is the mason jars and having the bud to the proper moisture you have to be home all day to do this though you can’t have a job and do what I’m doing and thank you I used to grow back in early 2000 but you know it’s 2020 it’s 20 years ago I forgotten a lot but as I’m doing it it’s like muscle memories it’s coming backi have a couple of tricomes still on the plant it’s going to be my go to sleep smoke I’m not feeding the plant anymore I flushed the shit out of it . Idk I have 4 in flower that has veged for 3 1/2 months I have a 4x6 grow. Area and these 4 are taking up the whole room what are you doing in side or you strictly outside

Yeah most of my dry time is when I’m jarred up pulling bud outa jars to dry more for 20 minutes a few times a day, because my stuff dries to fast if I let it sit out I hang for 3 or 4 days trim then jar and finish drying in jars or bags before cure now that I have a system down I get some good stinky bud in about 2 weeks from chop! It’s all about what works best for you in your situation. Due to my states laws I’m forced to do all of my growing inside and plus where I’m at I have a very short growing season so I can grow bigger plants indoors I build a grow room in my basement it’s about 13 feet by 15 feet right now and can expand another 15 feet long when I get to that point, right now I’m flowering one good sized plant in my 4x4 and the letting my mother n law grow her own in my little 2x4 tent… I had some extra lights so right now my veg area is in my work area… I have 6 clones vegging waiting for big plant to be done so I can start my big grow, I also grew outdoor years and years ago but things were different then growing now is a whole new ball game

I was fortunate enough to have a buddy when I lived in Florida back in 2000 it was a grower and that’s where I learned it but I’m a burnout I forgot everything so you know I wish I had your space dude I’d be a mad scientist probably get myself in trouble I also live in on friendly state I want to share this with you though I just pulled a jack her budas a necessity I don’t believe it’s all the way done it’s still got another week or two