Looking so good, then this started

What’s your call? You think toxicity or deficiency?

I want all diagnoses! Lol! Then I’ll google the poo out of it!

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Ok @blizzybetty, let me take the time to review your response and time to wake up, but first, let me say that is a good move to have a TDS/EC meter, see ya in a couple of minutes :wink::grinning:

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Also, I don’t plan on jumping the gun to treat my issues. I did a good pH “flush” today; we’ll see if that did anything at all when the girls wake-up. I mean, I could have nute lockout, which could be causing iron/zinc issues & P deficiency, right? OR it could be toxicity.

Gonna keep my head & work through the problem, step-by-step. First step: My soil was adjusted to 6.5 pH, from 6.8-7. Also, I will increase the amount I water, from 10 cups/plant, as needed, to 12-16 cups/plant, as needed.

Second step…? Flush with florakleen? Should I do this only If I determine there’s toxicity? Or, should I do it no matter, since I have hard water, am having issues, and my soil has never been given a good flush to remove buildup?

Third step…? Reintroduce appropriate nutes?

I will hold off with the nirvana for 2 weeks, also, just to eliminate that variable.

Sorry for bothering everyone. There’s a lot of chemistry involved here, and I’m only now starting to just understand the basics.


No worries to have @blizzybetty , you don’t bother anyone, we are here to help you figure out what’s going on :grinning::wink:

Ok, I see 2 variable that are constant , hard well water and mix soil from your local greenhouse… I do not say that the soil isn’t good, just that it as to be consider like maybe a part of it… Do you know his recipe, the greenhouse one?

It’s most probably a hot soil and FFOF is a hot soil too…, too much of a good thing is sometime not so good… So I stick with my first hunch, it’s most probably a nutrient excess and salts build up cause by both your soil mix and well water.

I saw that you said you cannot afford RO system, but I strongly suggest that you aquire some water filter, here’s one that is fairly cheap (71$) and work good

Or something like the zerowater system

But before you take action, a TDS/EC measurement is imperative before making a difinite call and before doing a good flush in due form with florakleen (3-4× the size of your pots size, so 9 to 12 gallons in water, each pots) but I realize that it will be difficult with the ScrOG screen already in place, it will most probably imply that you remove it… But it will be for a good cause :wink::grinning:

In hope that’s will helping you, please, let me know how thing went and do not hesitate to ask further questions :grinning:

~Al :v: :innocent:


As @Donaldj recommended, do you think I could use my shop vac to avoid having to remove the screen?

My tent has a waterproof bottom insert that is about 4" deep. If I pump out the water between flushing each plant, would that be ok?

I have 5 cats & 2 dogs, and any attempt to move the plants from my grow room to the bathroom could end in disaster. Lol!

As far as the soil, the bag doesn’t have amounts listed, and Rissey’s Greenhouse doesn’t list the info on their website, either. Trying to get info over the phone is like pulling teeth.

I’m just glad I used my brain a little bit & cut back on feeding extra nutes several weeks back. In fact, the Amnesia Haze that’s doing well, I have been super stingy with the nutes, b/c I was warned she was sensitive; she gets half of what the others get.

I will look into a good filter pitcher or something similar. We were thinking of investing in a Berkey for the house. My partner probably wouldn’t go for an ro system though, especially if it’s specifically for my grow. My hobby, & love of herb, is just barely tolerated at home. :smile:

For my next grow, I was thinking of going with just FFOF, but geez, now I don’t know. Oh, there will be a next grow. I will keep doing this until I get it right!

Thank you so much for your expertise! I truly appreciate you taking the time to give me a well-thought out response.



Lol, I get it with the cats and dogs :wink::sweat_smile:, yeah, shop vac is a great idea :+1::ok_hand: Just be sure that your tent bottom doesn’t leak :wink:

And some strains are more “picky” more susceptible to nutrient burn or diseases, AH is really easy to grow and not so “picky”, lol :wink: :innocent: :v:

And you’re welcome :grinning: :innocent: :v: keep in touch…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Just as a suggestion, stop feeding them! I’ve had the same type of problem where if (when) I feed them then I immediately start having problems. My plants seem to do best just left alone. No, I don’t have beer can sized buds but what I do have is coated in sugar and very potent. So, get a TDS meter which can give you good info on your water and runoff, stop feeding for a week and see what happens.

Well, I’m glad I misread that it’s picky & have kept nutes super low on it, b/c it’s doing well. :grinning:

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Don’t worry…I am.

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How about this? I know it’s not the absolute best, but I can afford it. Plus, it’ll hook up nicely in my laundry room.

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Three Stage Reverse Osmosis, 50-Gallon

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Man, I spent $100 on grow related gear, today. Lol! Since last year, not including seeds & soil, I’ve invested over a grand on grow equipment. Does it ever end?

Haven’t bought the ro unit. Yet.


I actually do exactly thatvwith the shop vac @blizzybetty
Give me a little time to look over the situation as well
But i can tell you @Donaldj is on his game and wont steer you wrong
@Niala is also bery knowledgeable
And made a few good recommendations
lol actually have a similar ro fiter to first one he has posted


Unfortunately, they won’t ship that to where I live, otherwise I’d have probably
ordered it. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s -35F right now, up here, too!

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@blizzybetty Brrr -35F

You can check reverse osmosis system on eBay or Alibaba , they will most probably ship where you are (I presume Alaska :wink:) it’s not allow to post a link from them here, but I am sure you’ll find your way :wink:

Thanks John @Countryboyjvd1971 :man_farmer:


Just rolled out of bed big storm system pushing through so the body was letting me know it’s coming 4 days of snow ahead :wink:
I think @Niala is on the right track with hot soil though the foliar still has me thinking quite a coincidence? Your temp swings are much like mine in your grow space @blizzybetty which at times can be royal pain. Super soils can be hit and miss if they aren’t cooked long enough or perfectly mixed I still think a flush would help and it doesn’t hurt to try :wink: If you are still having issues a week later than you are back to a deficiency


@Niala Today, it’s just gotten worse. Probably twice as many leaves showing issues, as there were yesterday. The yellow new growth hasn’t improved, either.

Still thinking excess? Can the flush wait until my ec meter gets here? Estimated delivery date 2/8? If it’s going to get worse until I flush, I’m thinking that waiting a week is probably a bad idea?

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I just ordered the ro buddie (see above link). Nothing fancy, but I can afford it. Plus, it gets pretty good reviews. In 2 weeks, I can upgrade it, too.



It’s a go with flushing, imo, it’s more than probably phosphorus excess with the twisted and nutrient burn look alike in these last pictures…

And to my opinion, you’ll be likely and most probably have to do a flush every 3 to 4 weeks with that kind of hot soil and hard well water , if the problem is recurant… And please, no nutes until you have under 900ppm runoff at this stage of growth, maybe as low as 750, when you will
have a TDS/EC meter, but between 900-1000 would be good if between reading you see that they’re eating, that the ppm/ec are a bit lower than your previous reading… :wink:

~Al :v: :innocent:

Way to go girl, woohoo :tada: if command a RO , I am sure you’ll see a big difference :wink::grinning:, say hello to hubby, and by the way, if you don’t had catch it, I am a “he”… Al for Alan in english, Alain in French :wink::grinning:


Alright! Time to get started! This is going to take a while to do.

Are they going to get droopy from so much h20? Anything I should look for to cause concern? Anything normal to expect?

Thanks, sir!

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Of course they will look “droopy” for a few days, 4 to 6 days in average, but they will bounce back if you do a real flush, between 12 and 16 gallons each pots, so be prepare to pass quit some times with your shop vac in your grow tent :wink:

And, at least, pH’d at 6.5 the well water when you will flush and if you can home made “distillate” it, it will be better…

Keep in touch, sister, I will be here and the others (@Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @Loneviking and other members) , I am sure…

~Al :v: :innocent: