Looking into 600watt HPS/MH air cooled and know nothing


So I have been looking at a 600watt HPS/MH lighting system but I don’t know what is good or not. Not looking to spend a lot of money but don’t want to cheap and have to replace things as the burn out. I have been looking on amazon and found Apollo horticulture and iPower and hydro planet. They are all around the same price 150-170ish us$ which is kind of the ball park I want to be in for price. As I am reading reviews it is making it harder to make a choice. I have read the ballast burn out quick, wont light HPS bulbs and broken bulbs and such on delivery. Will be putting it in a 4x4 tent. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is the light and inline fan setup I use and have had no issues as of yet (I have had to replace the carbon filter but that’s normal wear and tear)
They don’t actually have the light setup I purchased but the one below is pretty much the same thing except a different style hood.


The i power in line fan and filters are a good choice for sure the filter has reliable flanges so you can flip filter around and extend life another 6 months or so
I’ll let other help on the light thing as stated earlier I use leds
Get a speed controller also and you may want to think about a intake fan also I only use mine when temp get higher or if I feel I’m not moving enough air under canopy but I’ll go with passive vents 75% of the time


Solistek are what i found to be your better makes stateside…

I’m in the UK but as @Countryboyjvd1971 Ipower do a reasonable budget version ballast cool tube & bulb i think for around $160-180, where as with solistek you’ll be paying that just for the ballast, obviously you would want to consider cost against quality…

just my opinion but i’d buy solistek from a quality stand point and the fact their ballast is also a TRUE multi wattage ballast which means you could use 400wt MH for vegging then jump to 600w Dual Arc for flowering… great for not killing the lil 1s early on lol
this option is not available on the Ipower it has a 50% 75% 100% power rating but you can only use 600wt bulbs in there which is a shame because they seem to be a pretty solid brand…
but do note i have no practical experience with any of these, just opinions based on what i read when trying to help someone set up a shopping list before :wink:

But excellent point by country though… Fan speed controller is always a good buy with your extraction kit… specially if your grow room is slightly on the chillier side :wink:

@Jmesser80 that’s a damn good deal on that ballast and its true multi wattage will have to look into them further :wink:


If honestly go for a viperspectra 900w or 600w of you have ANY DOUBR ABOUT HEAT, I’m dealing with led heat and it’s still s pain in the add as their old ones. And root temp is a bitch if your using hydro. If you do get a HID light make sure you get a vented reflector and realise it will be a massive pain in the dick hole if you have it on an upper floor and not a cold basement, good luck bro.


@McLovin777 don’t i know it lol i have upper floor sun smashing through the window from rise to late afternoon temp controlling was a biatch til i cracked a spent mucho bucks on a proper fan & a cool tube, but sit around mid 80s on a seriously hot day now in the tent and come winter just slow the fan down and sit at around mid 70s… and yes i know mid 80s aint great but best i can do lol


Hahaha you said it! Mid 80s was last night’s temps, inlay is round so had to out the ducting in the room… humidity went up to 98%! And temps 87 max… root temp up to 80… not good! Lucky she won’t be here too long


pain in the backside them inlaws… i did read somewhere if you are using Co2 then 85 was the norm for temps?? rather than 75 but never used Co2 yet to see lol


Its true, if they havr enough co2 they thruve in hotter temps, I have no intake and noticed they seem to be happier at 81 than 75 F, hotter the better cause they grow faster when they can handle it.


haha intake that’s what the flappy panels are for :confused: i never use intake fans just open the vents with a big 16inch floor fan moving air around at base of plants then a 16in stand fan moving air above the plants


Hey man i have the 600w ipower air cooled hood ariving today i will let you know how it turns out… Ordered through amazon so im expecting a broken bulb at least. But who knows fingers crossed


Haha fingers crossed @TokersHaven nothing worse than having to run out and pay again for something coz you got a busted bulb :confused:


That ballast seems pretty solid. I haven’t had any issues with it, been running it for a few grows now and the lights fire up no problem. I haven’t used the dim feature yet I usually use t5 fixtures when they are young to conserve power then just switch right to the 600w for the remainder of the grow.


i run T5s for popping seeds give them a week then jump to 250 MH for 3weeks then 400wt Dual Spectrum for a few weeks then use 600wt Super HPS for last 4weeks :wink: pain in the ass changing bulbs really need a better hood with drop down panel hind sight is a wonderful thing lol


That’s the joy of Amazon. If it’s broken they will replace it. Just have to wait for it to ship.


You should be good. I bought a kit that came with everything and they packaged it very well. Mine was a Vivosun but the same basic idea and inner similar packaging.


@Jmesser80 WAIT!! i don’t do waiting not when it comes to the little ladies :stuck_out_tongue: but fortunately for me i have a local hydro shop that’s just perfect for green tomatoes


Our local grow shop is a half hour away so I could always scoot up there if I ever needed anything right off. I HATE going to stores so Amazon was the best thing since sliced bread for me. :metal:t3:


Haha yes deff fingers crossed! I got notice its arrived. Just got to go to the area to pick it up lol. And yes amazon is great and i know if i do get a busted bulb it will be taken care of. Granted they did mess this whole order up… Should of been here last week. However like i said the one solo Bestva 1000w LED has carried my plants very well for what it is. No signs of stretching from what i can see. If i had the money id like to run 4 of these 1 on each panel of the tent and have my HPS above…Dreams…


Sorry Ernie @Smokin_ernie but led and t5 are all I have used.