Looking good today

They are loving life today


Definitely happy n healthy lookin ladies :eyes::+1:


Looking good!


Hope they produce now lol

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Those fan leaves look very big and healthy. Nice grow you have there, sir.

I want to try leaving one plant completely natural and not snip a single leaf
until it’s ready for harvest. I just want to see how different the results are.
A well manicured and trimmed plant versus a natural growing bushy plant.

Ignore the rambling and congratulations on a very healthy looking tent there.
Looking at the leaves, that’s a Indica dominant strain right? I’ve grown so many
Sativa strains that I forgot how beautiful the other genus strains are.


Thanks a bunch buddy I would have trimmed them but they are autos and was told not to trim them it would stunt them and hurt the yield. You are right they are a indica they are a monster og kush I can’t wait to for them to strech and start budding up

Huge fan leafs :star_struck:


She is looking amazing today


Well little update they are well on the way to being amazing girls


did my first purchase of auto flower… I started them 15 days ago in coco. They are only 2 in tall and just got there 2nd set of leaves which makes them look like a 4 leaf clover. Holding temp at 70ish. Humidity between 60 snd 70%. Misting soil around plant couple times a day with water only. I have supported stem with pipe cleaners as they looked so frail. I have a kind 1000 watt light. Specs say keep it 4ft away in seedlings stage. They shot up the two in so I lowered the light to 2 foot 6 in and they stopped now. Should I be concerned, should I do any different? Again this is my first time and specifically first time with Autoflower so needing some assistance. They are in 5 gallon buckets.

Thank you

Well I would raise the light back to 4 foot and when I ran my autos I kept it about the same distance away tell the moved into veg stage about 2 weeks or so I would love to see your sprouts and give you my ideas im a new grower myself but have learned a ton with the autos

These are 21 days old.

Are you spraying the whole flower. I kept the all the soil moist and it looks like your only keeping the top soil moist water it down deep it needs to get a root going down.

So do you think they are shot? Should i restart or do you think i can i save them or they could recover. Been in the rhe ground for 15 days now😪

Thanks for info. Going to try ideas. Hope to get them going again.

Me too I’m starting a new grow tonight please keep me up to date with yours