Looking good so far

This is my second attempt down under in OZ.
Grew 3 plants last year with very good success.
I grow 100’s of orchids in both a hothouse and bushhouse.
The bushhouse is covered in 70% white shadecloth all over and the roof is then covered in hauticultural plastic. It gives good light, great air flow and protection from rain and insects.

I have 6 going this year of mixed unknown strains.
The bars holding the mesh are 6 feet high and already one is punching through.

Considering we still have nearly 2 months of veg to go these girls are going to be monsters.

We had terrible weather here in southern OZ with very cold nights and constant heavy rain bringing floods. They survived that no problem but now they will have to endure our typical Aussie summer of 35-40 degrees celcius.

Here’s hoping things keep going the way they are and I get a good harvest.

Thanks to all the people who post advice here it has been a great help.

Merry Xmas to everyone.


100% agree :+1:

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They look great bro yah our aussie summer has thrown some curve balls of late with all the storms



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If you got two months left to veg and these were not topped I don’t know how your going to contain them when they hit the stretch.

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I have topped them 3 times already.
Have been debating whether to top again.
I don’t want to leave it too late to do again.

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Great job @jtfoto they are looking B E A UTIFUL

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Looking great, you got that right those are going to be monsters.

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If you got two more months to veg you may have to top them twice more

You may want to consider “Super cropping”. That MIGHT help you
Happy growing

High again,
I have experienced the same problem, a good one to have, and I “Super cropped” and they still got to be 8-9 footers. Happy growin