Looking good so far?

3 weeks from sprout in my little homemade grow box. Genetics unknown. Stretched a little at first.Just transplanted to FFOF with better lighting. Doing ok?

First two pics from 2days ago. Last pic from today



@Cannacure help me out here neighbor

Did something eat that little leaf or did you tear it? Aside from that, they look nice and healthy to me!

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Plants look healthy man maybe a little slow on node development maybe could just be strain or just from being a little leggy from the start but great color and great leaf structure looks really close to where they should be to my comparisons lookin good man!


I tore the leaf trying to move it. I was hoping that would not stunt growth in any way.

Thanks! This is my second plant on first grow attempt. I spaced them out a couple weeks apart so I could learn from one plant what the other was going to do

Looks like your right on track! I started with bag seeds about 2 months ago and ran into just about every problem you could aside from pests and mold and learned so much… it hurts to mess up or hurt the girls but it’s the best way to learn just keep on putting!

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Yeah these also were bagseed. I figured I’d get my trial and error process in before I start my white widow auto I just ordered from ilgm

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Yeah I had done the same thing lost some plants to some of my issues and now the 3 bagseeds I have left are into flower and doing alright for the equipment I have kept them small short veg time they are just over 2 months old now… after I revived and fixed what I had done wrong I felt pretty safe to plant 3 out of 5 super skunk autos I have from ILGM as well a month ago now and am very impressed wIth the growth as of now they are handling the LST very well!

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That’s awesome! I will be trying a go a lst also. Heard it gives a good yield for the autos

Should I be introducing nutes now in the FoxFarm or wait?

Will you be topping the plant? If so, I think that will be coming up soon.

I’m on my first grow, I regret not topping

I have been on the fence about what to do. Some advice in that area would probably be helpful. I’m thinking I definitely need to do something to keep it shorter due to lack of head room

Yeah dude, top it. You won’t regret it. It seems like a drastic maneuver but it’ll be worth it by an increase in yield.

There are a ton of threads on here on the topic.

If you take a side profile picture of it, someone with a ton of experience will show you right where to cut it.

I’m going to tag you in a thread that’s a must read. It breaks down the basic soil home grow to the small details.

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Update for anyone following. This is the lady on the left

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