Looking good day 57

Planted in early July. Blueberry Auto. This is my 2nd grow and my first shot at organic. Happy Frog and Dr Earth. LST and Scrog. Had some sort of deficiency in one plant but so far so good! This is such a fun hobby! I learn so much every time.

Kind K3 600W
Distilled water


Looking sweet!

What size tent?
Kind K3 Series2 XL600?

Correct on the light

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Very nice work

I added four pacific light concepts photo boost strips to my XL 600. It fills up my 3x3.

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Sorry to sound like a noob, but what difference does that make? Is it worth it? Is that white light

Yes it is. The strips have Samsung 301B diodes with Cri Red diodes. Each strip is 42 - 45 watts for a total of 170. The Kind is 280. I felt the Kind needed some white and red and more power over all. I know Kind touts its dialed in spectrum of mostly blue and red with some uv and infrared (which I like). I felt it was missing too much in the middle. Studies have shown that green and others wavelengths add to overall growth and balance. dbrn32 helped me put the strips together over two years ago.

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