Looking for ways to add C02

Has anyone used this before?

Waste of money. Unless you are drenching your plants in light, room sealed, it’s a waste really


I was just reading about that. Thanks

Co2 bags and blurple panels from amazon = more marketing than effective.

Noticed a difference using the pads that are hung and moistened to release co2.

Mostly a closed environment and during Veg thing.

Have not used them but have used pro co2 hung above the canopy (see pic) first pic is day one of co2 2nd pic 4 weeks later(today) I removed it from hanging and put it in front of a small fan to circulate… there is a difference for sure … my room it stupid hot for 3xtended periods , so I had to so they could breathe in the high temps 80-93°F got the heat under control now but , if you can afford it it may well be a good idea if you fight ingenuity heat or the last few weeks or flower before harvest.