Looking for vegetative stage fertilizer

Hi, second grow of Autoflowers, trying to nail down a good water soluble, organic, nute for the growth stage. I’ve got a good bloom/flower stage nute, but I used MiracleGro (I know, I know😵) last time and they shot up, and got really ‘leggy’. I’m thinking about Jacks Classic AP 20-20-20. It’s high in phosphorus, but I don’t think that’s dangerous for the roots OR the plant. Opinions, please?

This is almost an oxymoron. Most of the water soluble general purpose nutrients available are synthetic. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, I quit growing “organic” for water soluble synthetics. But if you want to stay organic, your options aren’t as open.

If you want to use synthetic like jacks, try their citrus feed. They do recommend supplementing calcium carbonate, but that’s not hard to do.

If you want to stay organic, maybe roots terp tea grow? It’s suppose to be brewed, but if that’s not a problem seems like a pretty good product. Not very expensive either.


Not a hard a$$ about organic, I mean my bloom feed is Flower Fuel:

“ This is done by encouraging plants to absorb and utilize essential nutrients and organic compounds at an accelerated rate, with a complex and proprietary mix of high-end chelating agents, vitamins and hormones, along with highly bio-available forms of phosphorus and potassium.”

So yeah sorta organic, maybe a bit orgasmic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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And I know, no feeding first two weeks, feed a ‘grow food’ until you see flowering, add ‘bloom food’ for two weeks, then discontinue grow, and continue bloom, increasing dose after two weeks, then stop feeding when the trichomes change to milky.
I just don’t want to introduce a food that’s ‘too hot’ for the delicate root system of an Autoflower.

Maybe some. I grow in coco and feed pretty much the same stuff start to finish, feeding from day 1.

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Biobizz max growth and max bloom are all organic they also do phone up and down

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Ph not phone

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I make ‘wedding cake’ pots… currently using 5G hard sides, strongly considering converting to fabric. Soil on bottom, layer of dead leaves, soil, compost, sterilized chicken manure, more leaves, then soil to the top. Before planting, I saturate the pots, and use a rod to aerate the soil down to the bottom.
After planing the seeds, I must the soil until they sprout. Then, I water 3-4” away from the base of the sprout, until it’s about 6” tall, then I water more directly. And I don’t feed until the end of week two.

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Sure, but they also recommend up to 8 different products during veg. That is not the same a one stop water soluble nutrient blend.

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This is great…only the chicken poo I would replace with rabbit poo and in all honesty you could literally only use rabbit poo AS the actual fertilizer

The Soil Stack I wouldn’t recommend based off of root growth and receiving only one “stack” for a certain amount of time could REALLY mess up everything your plants WANTS to do…could avoid this by mixing it all instead of stacking your soil mixture

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LOL….I’m out of likes but yea our weather is jacked too

Also yea don’t mind the suggestions since ya got it figured out…I’m just gonna stand here and watch :grin::facepunch:t2:

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I’ve made these for a few years, thinking, as the plants progress and the roots stretch out, they’ll reach these areas as they decay and give off their nutrients. I put an empty pint planter in the center, then when my seedlings are ready, transfer them in. With the AFs, I’m just planting the germinated seeds directly. So far, so good this season… 1 Fem; 4 Autos here

Seeing as it’s a couple of days before I drop seeds in, I decided to transfer the contents of one stack pot, to a 7g fabric pot, and added Kellogg’s Patio Soil to make up the difference. Then, I stirred all of the contents together.
So, three will go in hard side 5g stack pots, one in a 7g fabric stirred pot.

Thanks- I looked at BioBizz a bit more complex than I was looking for… I think if I were going hydroponic, I’d look further at the line.

Lookin good…hope the soil works for ya I’ve never used that kind

Plain ole bat guano

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HI Stimmy7 (1st time grower) and I have 6 Auto’s growing but two of the plants aren’t flowering. They have been growing for about 8 weeks. Do u have and suggestions or do Auto’s have their own plans . Thank you in advance :sunglasses:

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If you’re treating them all identical (soil, food, water, sun exposure) then they’re just being girls… might be choosing the right outfit, doing makeup, etc… they’ll be ready when they’re ready :joy:

I’ve got four starting up right now, 2 sprouted, looking strong, 1 up with a shell stuck on the leaves, 1 tardy :man_shrugging:t2:

:joy: that’s awesome! Yay typical women always late . How do u send pictures on this site . I would like to show you the girls and would like to knw your thoughts

There’s an icon below the compose box that looks like a photo, just click on that.

Here’s the new AF crop, 4 days after sprouting Nobody’s getting fed until end of week 2… 2hrs direct sunlight early AM and late PM, indirect sun balance of day! image|500x500