Looking for training ideas /Pics included

I use both, it is a fair amount of work but it is worth it.


Which do you do 1st?

Growing Durban Poison photos, indoors, 5x5x6.8 tent, HLG 650R, temp range 72-80°F, organic no till, 5 plants, 7 gallon pots, companion plants - chives, garlic, white clover, marigold, bluebonnet, lavender & chamomile. In my 2nd week, 3rd nodes coming in now.

Lets see a picture. Durban Poison is Sativa dom. So she may get lanky on you. If its a photo, no rush to top. Maybe around node 5. Then as the 2 come back, you can begin training them outwards

my companions are just sprouting…the site will only let me load upto 80mp so let me know if I need a better shot.

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One more node and u can get started. The look healthy

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