Looking for tips

Grown a a few very successful grows before but haven’t done any for about 3 years now so I’m a little foggy to say the least lmao. Just look for some helpful tips/reminders. Popped the seeds in wet paper and put in soil on the 14th. No lite leaves yet.

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Welcome to ILGM!

Two concerns that I see:

  1. Light is extremely close. Would be ok for cfl’s or real low wattage LED’s.

  2. Need to place the clear cups inside of opaque cups. Once the roots grow they don’t like the light. It can also cause algae to grow in your soil.


The light is a 900w kingbo. How close would you recommend? Neither one has popped through soil yet

It’s a 360w light so I’d have it at least 24” above the plants.

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Out of curiosity, will that light be enough for two plants in a 4x4x7 tent? I used to have a 600w meizhi but it took a shit on me.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t do that well in a 3x3. Looks like anything outside of a 2x2 and par drops dramatically.

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I think you can get away with 2 and that light I’d recommend a fim with some lst but I think you’ll be fine if you keep them pretty close you’ll probably have to veg at about 20 in and flower at 16 in (hard to tell since theres only that 1 par map)


Hey my 2 600w growstars did an amazing job i think on the plants i had started with them. Vegged 3 photos and 2 autos on them before i started adding and adding and adding more blurples for it to do something real good. Now i have hlg and i believe 8 or 9 blurples in boxes waiting for resale. :laughing:

What do you guys recommend for a good cheap light to throw in with that one? I’m running on a pretty tight budget

Truthfully I’d wait until I could afford a Mars hydro 2000 or 3000 you’ll veg fine for a couple months by then I’d spring for a good light to get you through grow 2 and 3

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The TSW or PB series?

Depends if your space is wide or square I think the square tsw do a better job at outputting overall though

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It’s a 4’x4’x7’ square tent. Hopefully I can get some cash stashed back in the next couple months and get one. They look like fantastic lights.

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