Looking for tips seedlings aren't doing so good

Hi guys, Fist let me say thank you in advance for any help that is given. Ok, seedlings are about 4 days old, I’m running coco coir/perlite blend for medium in 3 gal fabric pots, humidity is at around 50% temp varies between 73-85 lighting is mars ts600 about 26 inches above seedling and only watering with ph balanced tap water every other day of when top is dry (no nutrients just water). Not sure what’s happening

leaves were brown at the tip and curled up at first now the whole leaf seems to be dying.

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How much water are you adding? Why are the leaves wet? Looks like you cooked the leaves while they had water drops on them, shown in the picture with water drop on cotyledon leaves. You don’t want water on your leaves, dry it up.

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Humidity domes makes seedlings’ life easier

Havent measured how much i water, I noticed I splashed it a lil today and tried to remove water the best I could. But I have another seedling beside this one that is doing the same thing just not as bad and it’s never been wet. Is there a chance my lights are too low?

I agree Dome them up

Thx, I will order a few domes

Atleast the new growth looks good. That counts more than anything. Overwatering is a killer for new seedlings and ur soil may be hot but itll get use to it as long as u watch the watering. Ive never used humidity domes and done fine. Only use em with clones waiting to root

Use a clear or opaque plastic cup. They are efficient.

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I used red solo cups with plastic wrap then opaque plastic cups for a while. I used the sun through windows. Kept moving them through the house with the sun. Lol. So I have no comments on lights. But know someone in here is. They will respond

It’s Coco and perlite. It’s inert.

What do the seedlings cotyledons look like?
Edit: Disregard that question. I looked again.

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Oh ok. Well then its watering practices. No need for nutes until after 2 weeks or so. But as long as new growth isnt messed up then itll recover just fine. I personally use a spray bottle when its a seedling. Thats how little of water it needs. Its literally just one straight root when its that small


Just wanted to say thanks for the help guys. I cut way down on water and the girls seem to be doing much better.