Looking for tips, and suggestions

First Time with a SCROG setup. Have a few questions…What was right? What was wrong? Anything im not doing and should? Anything im doing and shouldn’t be? Feel free to give any and all criticism. Not my frist time growing so may of been why i went so hard in the paint…:sweat_smile:
I’ll try to include everything done up to this point forgive me if i leave any info out but please ask fot it. Love all the info, tips, help i can get. ESPECIALLY if you happen to use the “CuttingEdge Solutions” chem system.

Please dont laugh. I do all this in a small space that my wife allows and i keep this hidden from 3 teenage children. Some things are high end and others are cheap do what i cans… I grow just so my wife and i can smoke for free throughout the year and our medication doesnt take money from the household. I grow for yield, not turnaround.

Started seeds in wet paper towels in a bag. Transfer to soil once root broke through (soil was Fox Farm Strawberry Fields).
For the first 6 weeks i keep them upstairs in a wardobe were they are in red solo cups and bowls with an Argobrite T5 high output flourescent light. (2ft/2tubes 120V-60Hz-0.56A-48W). I use CuttingEdge Solutions chemicals and mix up the first gallon of water a week after they break soil.

That first gallon i mixed: 8ml/micro, 5ml/bloom, 10ml/grow, 10ml/plant amp, 2ml/mag-amp, and 10ml/Uncle John’s Blend.

I water with chemicals only once a week. I water til i feel it will trickle out the cup into bowl and stop. Slowly add til it does. If soil drys before chem day (usually doesnt til like week 4) water with just water. I keep them in the wardobe til i got to 16 colas a plant. Topping them just as fast as they allowed me to. The first gallon lasted 3 weeks. Total time in at this point 4.5weeks

Second gallon i mixed the same as the first. Second gallon lasted 2 more weeks and got me all the way to the top cut on 8 to make 16 colas.
At this point they then moved down stairs to their final homes. (8 gallon planting pots).

For the final soil i run a 60/40 mix; 60 being the Fox Farms Happy Frog and 40 being Fox Farms Strawberry Fields. My grow room is sealed up well water cistern that was attached to my house and i just cut a door into from the basement. (14ft long x 6ft wide x 7.8ft tall) Lighting is 1000 watt Cali Ballast that overclocks, 4ft umberalla hoods, and 1100watt Par Pro Hyper Arc HPS bulbs. Net was set up 3ft off the ground with 4in squares (expect the outside squares…room wasnt prefectly squared. It was a well cistern built in 1942, come on man :rofl::rofl:). The room is lined with foil from the base of the hood to one row below the net line. I have a 6in inlet fan drawing fresh air from the basement every 15minutes for 15minutes. Last but not least have a Ozone generator pulling from the room and venting outside for 15minutes on the opposing 15 mintutes from the inlet. One of the 2 is always running

They all start on the same side of the room to save on the electric bill for, 3 weeks this time, but long enough i can make my cuts to 32 and allow the 32 colas to grow til right before they touched the net then went to 2 pots a side. Chemical formula for these 3 weeks: 8ml/micro, 5ml/bloom, 15ml/grow, 10ml/plant amp, 2ml/mag-amp, and 10ml/Uncle John’s Blend. 7.5 weeks at this point.

Once they went to their respective sides and went to 2 lights and side i switched the chemicals once again: 8ml/micro, 15ml/bloom, 5ml/grow, 10ml/plant amp, 2ml/ mag-amp, 10ml/Uncle John’s Blend. They got this treatment twice til i was 3in above the net with the colas.

Up til this point the plants have been on 24hr light schedule upstairs and downstairs. Got chemicals once a week every Sunday. Then i would add straight water on monday til it leaked in to the catch tray. Then a more straight water every other day. So…Sunday is chem day Monday, Wednesday, Friday were straight water days.

Once the colas were 3in above the net i shaved everything off below the net and switched the lights to a 12/12 schedule once i was finished with all 4.

Once lights switched i switched to the chemical formula: 8ml/micro, 20ml/bloom, 10ml/plant amp, 2ml/mag-amp, 10ml/Sugaree. I’ve done this for three weeks now and with the 4th week coming I’ll up the Sugaree to 20ml and do that for 3 weeks and then do 2 weeks maybe 3 depending on the tricomes of 30ml/Sugaree. Then a week of dark and straight water to flush is how i plan to end it for harvest.

So im at 10.5 weeks and still have 5 to 6 weeks of flowering and i know thats a long cycle but i feel that the topping and bending the plants so much slowed their growth and thats what it is. But these are todays pics.

Please hit me with feed back. Thank you for reading and sorry for being a wind bag.

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Hidden from three teenage children - I had to laugh. No way I thought. However, the external cistern may be the reason. All I know is no way in hell could I keep something like growing from any of our three.
I know nothing about the nutrients you are using. Feeding only once a week seems really light. I imagine at that rate you don’t have to worry about buildup and monitoring runoff. I take it you pH the water and nutrients to the appropriate pH for soil.
I may have let the screen fill out a bit more before flip and also keep weaving new growth during early stretch. Do you use / need a carbon filter and extractor fan?
Have you grown through harvest before this?

Good luck with keeping it secret from the kids.


The ozone generator is my extractor…removes all smell and looks like an exhaust pipe for a dryer. I figured my weave was light because my net is so far from the ground. This wil make my 8th to harvest with this space.

What would you recommend as far as a chem schedule? I have never had a chem problem as to why i do it this way but with topping to 32 colas and super cropping i did fell i could of used more this go around.

And…when i cut into the basement wall and i finished the basement and made it our room and there is a sliding bookcase in front of the door. Only like 5 people know its there​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


My grandparents’ house had a cistern. Always thought was cool. One son is buying a house with one that was converted to a root cellar. That would be a great place to store cured bud. But e doesn’t know about my gardening…
It sounded like you had your process down.
Last couple of grows I use coco and Jack’s so I’m feeding every day. I addition to top fed plants I also use autopots.

I thought it was really cool as well. Why when we added 8ft on to the back of the house and it got covered is when i got the idea. Waiting for it to become legal in my state because i have a second cistern on the side of the house and woukd love to do the same thing to it and build a sun room over it and try breeding in that room.

You never tuck the tops when they grew pass the screen , the purpose is to cause horizontal growth , next time veg them into the screen and keep the tops tuck down !


I only tucked them the once after they got 3inches over the net. Realize i should of added a week or 2 to weave some more to capitalize on the space

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Don’t weave, just push back under screen to next square. When it grows enough to repeat, then repeat. Look at screen like a ceiling that you want to keep everything below until it’s mostly full. Then you can direct the colas you want to keep to their perspective space, clean up the parts of plant you’re not looking to keep, and send to flower.


I would tuck my mine every other day to fill in the net as much as possible before i flipped



:point_up:Max yield.

You are doing great @The_Chef


That is one hell of a branch structure under your net. :flushed:

I totally appreciate the help. I’ve made a lot of mistakes early on but managed to get through it all. Your scrog posts really helped me get the confidence to go for it. Without risk , there’s no reward right? :joy:


There’s really no risk as long as you have the time to spend. :call_me_hand:

Nice looking crop!


Yeah you’re right. Patience is key as well. Anyone that’s serious about scrogging must have patience. I tuck and move pretty much every day and it takes a good while to do it. Especially getting underneath the net in between the pots to do it and get a better visual of where to move each branch.


@beardless that what i have water cistern its 25x15x7 it’s stealth grow maybe i will make video of it


I’m gonna have to agree with the feedback, that’s not really a scrog. It’s just a cola support. In the future you can LST your plants before they hit the screen.

then just keep spreading them out. The trick is to get light uniformly to each cola, so every cola thinks it the main cola and tries to outperform the others (LOL plant psychology) .


Here is a great visual example on what your garden can produce as well !


Jesus!!! That’s a structure and a half! Beautiful plant! Thanks for the input