Looking for that Wow factor


Ok, birthdays next tuesday & want to make some brownies with that Wow factor. I tried last week with an oz of sugar leaves, decarb ect. No wow, looking to not to be able to get hubby off floor. Would an oz of bud work? Only used two sticks of butter as only making small batch. Did that make a difference?


Might get answers here


What are you looking to achieve? Do you want to knock him on his a$$?


I think it was likely the sugar leaves weren’t very strong. An ounce per cup of butter using flower would be very potent. Most recipes call for like 1/4 - 1/2 per cup. Also if you add sunflower lecithin when you infuse it, it will help your body (liver) absorb the THC better giving you that extra oomph. Happy early birthday too. :tada::balloon::confetti_ball: @Laurap


It appears so. When we were young, we would make psychedelic brownies from reg weed & it knocked you on your azz. Thats what he wants!


Thank you for the birthday wishes! How much sunflower lecithin would i use?


For a small batch like that about a teaspoon should do it. Enjoy!!! @Laurap


I think @AnneBonny hit the nail on the head you used sugar leaves
Try using bud @Laurap the better quality the starting product is the better the end product will be. :+1:


Made cannabutter last night to have ready tuesday. Used oz & qtr mix of ak47 & amnesia haze all buds. If this doesnt do it we are truly Hard Core. Lol Wednesday will let ya know.


Hahah I’m sure it will do the trick @Laurap


Tomorrows my birthday so brownies are coming. Hide your cheetos & everything else as ill be flying low without my broom!


Happy Birthday today in case I get forgetful tomorrow IMG_0569


A Halloween baby! @Laurap I didn’t figure that out before. Enjoy those brownies and have a spooktacular day!


@Laurap happy birthday in advance
Enjoy the brownies



HAPPY BIRTHDAY The cheeto’s have been put up and are safe for now…lol

Now with that said " Let’s Get This Party Started "

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Happy Happy Birthday!


Thanks Everyone! Yall are my extended family & look forward to seeing yall everyday. Wish we really lived in Weedville , what a party we would have!


Agreed @Laurap
You enjoy your day girl and don’t eat to many brownies at once hahahaha
Happy birthday agian :v:️ CB




Happy Birthday @Laurap!