Looking for tent size

Hello all, I’ll be looking to grow one autoflower and looking for the smallest tent size I could use that without the plant outgrowing the tent. What is the smallest size anyone would suggest ? Thanks in advance.

I would recommend 3x3 or 2x4. Either is bigger than needed for 1 plant, but once you get started you will appreciate a little extra space to tend to your girl. Regardless of how much floor space you go with, try to find one that gives as much vertical space as possible. Many people realize after purchasing a shorter tent that they should have gotten one taller.


If the limitation is physical space that can be dedicated to a tent 2x2 or 24x30" is as small as I would go. It being an auto or photo does not necessarily dictate the amount of space needed. Accomplished auto growers can produce large plants. On the other hand you can intentionally limit the size of a photo various ways.
I have a 3x3x7’ tent. I can grow 1 plant or 4 plants in it easily. Many more if I did SOG style.
For a smaller tall tent check UltraYield @Bulldognuts. You won’t find a 7’ tent in that size very often.

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Yep, Ultrayield has some of the smallest and tallest tents available. :+1:

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Thanks !!

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