Looking for suggestions for a duel temp controller

Would like to see some suggestions for a temp controller for in the grow cabinet as the one I am using works fine, but I can only program in one high and low range temperature and would like to drop the temp slightly at night for the plants and this controller does not allow for a second set of temp’s to be programmed in. Thoughts?

Hello @Chungo

Not exactly clear to me what your trying to accomplish so let me ask a few questions. What is the current controller model? What do you have hooked up to it?
I get the lower night temps you want so what would the temps go to without any input from heater/ac or whatever devices you use during the day for stable environment?

One thought is if night temps would naturally without heat/ac be within the range your wanting is to attach a timer to your existing controller and have it “off” at night and let the temps naturally fall and in morning timer powers back up controller and your devices for day temps.

Hope this helps and HAGD

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the suggestion… Your suggestion to put the controller on a timer may be just the ticket and would work in the spring,summer and fall but not so much in the winter.
First what I have been using is a Inkbird heating and cooling plug and play to control the temperature in my grow box and it works fine but has only one programmable temp at a time. What I want to do is set a thermostat (like my house thermostat) for different temperatures at two different times of the day. So for example only I want the temperature set for daytime at say 22 C and 18 C for night time. The grow box is in a outside shed which in the summer the temp fluctuates quite a bit and in the fall/winter it gets down to just above freezing. So I have a small space heater to heat it up and a exhaust fan to cool the box down usually during the day. So this heating and cooling controller has no time inputs so I am looking for alternatives so I can lower the temp at night…

No worries @Chungo
Well 3 out of 4 seasons ain’t bad…lol
Hmm I’m not sure how best to deal with winter settings but hope the timer will help the other seasons.
Would the heat given off by the lights in winter add enough to temps to make up the 4 degrees centigrade so you set the heater at 18 and the lights add the extra 4 and when lights out the heater won’t let temps go below 18? Also adjusting any in line fans that might be in there to increase or decrease flow to help with temps?
Just more random thoughts…
Doesn’t the inkbird have a set value and an offset?
So it comes on at 18 and off at 19 and the lights pick up the rest.
I have a bayite controller and it’s set at 77f and an offset of 2 degrees so heater won’t come on until temps get down to 75

Thanks…The controller has a range of temps(so set at 22 C and puts a heater on at 20 C or the cooling fan when it reaches 24 C) but no timing to vary the timing. Summer it gets a little hot in the shed and slow to cool down natural. …