Looking for someone who uses Bergman fert. only. first time using

For this grow with new fert. just want to know if I am going to need additive’s or is Bergman really complete pot fert.? I’m using reg. dose. Doesn’t seem to be any really complete pot fert. out there that doesn’t need additives as I look at journals and forums. Is that Bergman also? Not having any fert. prob. just want to know before I do need them if I do. Thanks in advance. This place and people are great.


i’ve used the complete bergman line by itself with success. it was OK. i nute burned some plants, not fatally.

i’m using jacks 321 right now which is a complete nutrient mix

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Hi. I’m using those for my first indoor grow with Girl Scout Cookies Auto. I am also adding small amounts of CalMag, Blackstrap Molasses and finally a Mycorrhiza fungi 1x per week. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I’m about 36 days from seedling :seedling:


Hey people thanks for feedback on Bergman. Thought there might be add. no prob. I see a lot of people use calmag not sure for what haven’t checked out yet, have no prob. now with plant. But I am about out of grow time it should make 25 gal per chart amount. But have only made 5 gal. At (5/8 tsp .625) or, on chart (2/3 tsp .665) grams on chart says. (75 grams 3/4 tsp) my calculator fine-tuned actual of all these amounts don’t look like there will be 20 more gal… And have not got to it but Flower time makes 200 gal. per. at 1 tsp/1 gram feed chart amounts. Am I missing something about amounts. Your plants look great, quite healthy. Do you fert. every watering because I have always fert. every time, just have.

Yes I’ve heard about 321 going try to get Bergman going through whole grow. See what happens. Always used Mirical Grow. So this should be better than that? Lots of flushing.

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We are experiencing the same issue. The Growtime is on its last feeding so I plan on using something else until it’s time to switch to flower feeding. I use CalMag because I’m using r/o water and it’s seems from what people say on here that that process strips out the good and the bad from your water source. I water 3x’s a week and each time is a little different additive. Here’s my chart for March and after a recount it’s day 40 today. I’ve gradually increased the quantity of water as they’ve increased in size.

This morning the ladies look fantastic, they are responding well to the lst and defoliating I e put on them all week.

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I used Miracle Grow all through my last grow, they also offer a flower bloom pink box that I switched over to in Aug until the 2 week flush and I’ll tell you this-I don’t understand all the hate on YouTube about it. I’m smoking some of the best herb I’ve ever had and it tastes phenomenal. All I get from my friends I’ve shared with is “man this is FIRE”.

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High friend. I let my water set out for min. 2 days to leech out chlorine. I don’t think I have Bergman Grow time enough for 7th gal. 25 gr. makes 33 gal. not so. When I first started growing off and on for 12 yrs. Used Mirical grow because that is what I had at the time. 15/30/15 bloom booster. wonderful stuff. I have used G.H. flora nova full chart 8 diff. bottles of chart followed to the letter worst grow I ever had figured out later that it was a severe lack of phosphorus in my opinion didn’t know about that until they totally collapsed leaves turned purple bronze curled. M.G has better phosphorous #s Going to go back to 1/8 tsp jacks 20/20/20 1/8 tsp not sure if I will like. Have always used only all other times 15/30/15 before now M.G. 15/30/15 till Flower Time Bergman fert. plus, additives Thought would be gentler. Tried flora nova Found that 300+ dollars later for flora nova later found it to be money pit, and way low on phosphorous. have some bottles would not be used up in a lifetime. I’m with you on the M.G. put downs. I only tried something else so not so much flushing but I use double dose bloom booster 1/2 tsp going to cut back to reg. dose 1/4 tsp plus 1/2 tsp mag. Epson salts for plants. Or in 4 to 5 wks will have signs of mag. deficiency. Use to put 2 tbl mag but might have been to much mag. so not sure about low dose. Do you have any more thoughts on that subject. Does the M.G./Jacks mix sound ok to you? You know you are the only one who has ever said anything good about M.G. hahaha Thought I was the only one that had good thoughts of it. Thanks ahead of time. Its morning here so hope this makes some sense.

@Samual I did purchase the Agricultural Epsom Salts but have begun using CalMag instead due to using r/o water currently since I’m on city water.

With the MG grow I did throw some additional Bloom Booster at it in addition to the MG Flowering line.

I’m exploring different options trying to figure out what works best for me and my skill set. This grow is GSCE Autos on Bergmans (and couldn’t have managed another week of veg lol) and when I start my outdoor in a few weeks I’m trying the TPS nutes.

I have to admit after seeing what some of these stud growers are producing on here with the Jacks I really want a run with those as well. Maybe my next indoor will be that.

Hope this helps


My ‘Miracle Grow’ pun intended

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Humboldt Nutrients Own Sonic Bloom with Vitamin B1 Flowering Booster 100gm 0-51-34 Hydroponic Fertilizer

Need to use what I have now. Going to start on 1/8 tsp jacks 20/20/20, 1/8 tsp M.G. 15/30/15, 1/2 tsp mag. use this till flower then switch to 1/4 tsp 15/30/15 on 1 and flower time on other see how it goes I like high phosphorus all through grows helps keep the purple out of everything. If not to much $ will look into getting some Calmag soon. A lot of people seem to use it. Lots of great info. Thanks Weed friend.

I’ve also thought about using Bergman plant booster through whole flower time cycle till flush?

Your plants/buds look wonderful. On your buds how long do you think till harvest still trying to figure out when 2 wk flush should be so can figure that out? Saw great vid. wk by wk on you tube but still, right.

@Samual I’ve heard repeatedly on here that once your pistols have turned a majority brown/orange ish it’s time to start your flush and begin studying trichomes for the color complexity your looking for. I.e. cloudy/milky/amber %’s

Thanks for response. I’m not to bad when it is time to harvest but the 2 wk flush eludes me. 1 wk best I have done. Practice, practice, practice. Got to love it. Grow well.

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I am going to use Bergmans’s fertilizer; it says to fertilize once a week. Is that why your plants nute burned?

I have used miracle grow in the past and my plants had no problems with it until I got some mad advice. Sprinkle it around the plant, total Nute burn, but when I use water and follow directions and fertilize every two weeks not a problem. But using natural fertilizer for my plants is better for your soil. So, this year I am going for Bergmans and see how it turns out. Mircle grow is just so much easier and less expensive, I get it!!! You do what works for you :sunglasses:

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I’m with you, my plants haven’t been transferred outside yet, in my 20 gallon grow pots. I just got my Bergman’s fertilizer in the mail. I have been putting Coast of Maine fertilizer on them while indoors. but can’t do that outside because of animals, like raccoons and other critters. :sunglasses: