Looking for some suggestions on LST for my auto's

Well the lst is going well, thanks again.
I also seen your race is on with the WW, mine are Zkittlez auto’s, one on the right is so stocky I can’t do no bending, so I figured, just let it grow.

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That means I’m in good company then! :hugs:

Absolutely :facepunch:

Just an update on the Zkittlez, added the jacks for the 1st time at full strength, and boy they needed it. Now just hoping they don’t herm on me in flower, just started preflower.

Update on my Zkittlez, your leafy does seem to be kicking a bit more, but has a long was to go.:money_mouth_face:


Zkittlez at 4 weeks one has been trained, and one left alone. Starting to get some fruity smell.:money_mouth_face: