Looking for some reference links...? Let me know if you can help!

Question for the group, anyone have or know of a reference source for DWC systems/design? I am using 5 gallon buckets and frankly the constant maintenance and potential fluctuations are a bit more risky than I like… I’d like larger reservoirs, a drainage outlet, and a fill intake. After this grow I am going to revamp my lighting to LEDS anyway, so I might as well blow up the entire operation. LOL

Also, I read one of the posts that said a moderator on here was an excellent source of information on lighting… can anyone point me to whom that moderator might be? I have some questions/concerns on converting my two 1000 watt fixtures to LED. I think in my space the two 1000 watt-ER’s May have been overkill, but perhaps there is some formula that I could use to be sure?

Lots of YouTube videos on design. I assume you mean you’re planning to go full RDWC? If so just search for that on YouTube and you can see many different setups. As for lighting when it comes to led @dbrn32 is pretty much the man to go to.


Wow YouTube?! Of course I should have looked but never thought about that as a reference source! Thank you!! I’m old and still think all the Marijuana cultivation secrets are anonymous guerrila sources… lmaoooo

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Happy to help with lights, but I’m not a mod. Could’ve been any of them really, they all have a lot of experience with different lights.

How big is the space? Did you have anything specifically you already looked at?

A diy dwc system shouldn’t be terribly difficult. @Bogleg has built his own, @TDubWilly runs recirculating I think. Lots of others too.


Space is 5x7 foot. Small root cellar type. 7 foot tall ceiling as it’s in the basement. So looking at the flat LED housing looks like it will give me better clearance… the unit I was looking at was the Advanced Platinum 600w x2 but they seem more pricey than I’d like… which got me thinking that maybe I had a bit overkill with my current 2000w HPS/MH lights in that space and could downsize without negative issues?

@dbrn32 boom


Sure, depends on how you want to look at it. You want to maintain the same type of par levels as 2000 watts of hps? That will be expensive with quality leds. The advanced lights want you to believe they are more efficient than hps, and the photon efficacy is about the same. The light spectrum is probably better, but those are probably more in line with 600 watt hps intensity levels.

Are you capable of doing some assembly? Could save you a bunch of cash and custom fit your coverage.

I can definitely do assembly… just would have zero idea what I would want to buy and assemble. The LEDs seems to be all about color range output and how many variations you can get rather than PAR/Lumens and Wattage like I am used to thinking about.

A couple of lights like @Redeyedranger built would probably do pretty well in a space like yours. Drop by his thread and check them out. I can help you get all the correct stuff.

Haha… i bet he’s still reading. Some awesome rdwc growers around here are @Bogleg and @bryan. I believe @peachfuzz was as well. Sorry if i miss tagged. Throw up a few more bat signals. OP gone have plenty to read this weekend :joy:


No joke, and about 10 you tube videos that I’m throwing into a playlist too… going to be a research and development weekend!

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Found a “cheat”… been going back and forth on a powered way to drain the bottom of my reservoirs since I do not yet have an RDWC going.

My 16 gallon ShopVac just did a perfect job, only had about 4 gallons of liquid total, gone in an instant. This will speed up my flushing process too. Temporary but workable.

I’d look at one of these. If you have a cordless drill and some water hoses one short cutoff section into bucket or reservoir the other going outdoors.

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I use a Wayne transfer pump myself - it has garden hose connections so I run a long garden house on the “output” side of it and just drain them straight outside.