Looking for some outside input

Just looking for someone else’s opinion. First one is white Widow autoflower. The second is golden goat regular. And the third is sour diesel. All 3 turned 8 weeks old on July 8th


Looking good. Just make sure there’s holes in your bucket, for good drainage.


There are 4 3/4" holes in the bottom of the buckets. Ww is about 10 days into flowering and the small white roots are starting to shoot out of the drain holes. Should I transplant or no? Here is the diesel the image would not load earlier

Because it’s an auto flower I would say no. Only not to stress it during flower. Autos have such a short lifespan it should be ok. Next grow just plan for a little larger bucket. @UdayHussain

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Sounds good thanks for getting back to me

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Here are the transplants and they seem to be handling well

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