Looking for some insights

Just sharing and looking for some feed back. Had something munch on a few leaves. And I’m Building some support netting. But please fire away.


Best to state questions in clear simple terms…otherwise not much idea of what you be seeking.

plants should be in 5 gallon buckets…pics show plants stretched to tall n skinny cause of weak light. plants are hybrid with strong indica genetics…plants should be much shorter and fuller.


They are in full sun light during the day, I did have a heat shade on the green house earlier. But the hot weather has passed. I worry about transplanting them this far along.

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I’d transplant. They’re photos right?

If they are photoperiod plants then transplanting will make a huge difference. Be sure you don’t over water as that will slow things down. They are ready to transplant. FYI you can bury some of the stem in your new pot and the plant won’t mind.


Captain jacks dead bug for the munchers…

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So this might be a little irritating but, these plants I do not know what they are at all. They were given to me and I figured what the hell let’s see what happens. I do also have 6 white widow autos going also. They are shorter and thicker, they are about 4 weeks younger. The plants on the pictures are in a green house with fans and all the goodies. The only thing I can think to do now is see what happens with them. I think they are starting to flower? Can you tell from the picks? Why would watering slow things down?

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Those plants need to be in a bigger pot. More soil volume equals larger root mass equals support for larger canopy. Cannabis likes airy, loose, fairly dry soil. Wet soil will decrease the amount of oxygen that gets to the roots causing pythium (root rot) if taken too far.

It’s entirely possible those plants gifted to you will be fantastic when taken all the way to the finish line.

I can’t tell if they are flowering or not from the pictures.


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Thanks for the info.