Looking for some input

Hello, sorry very new with forums. I am looking for some input on my plants, no clue as to what strains they may be.

This one is my first for the season, guessing around 5th week of flowering, buds are purple. This is #2, showed fem 2 weeks ago, and yes it is in a green house. 3rd, has not shown any signs yet on sex,hopefully it will soon.
thank you.

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tall skinny plants are sativa genetics. tall, slender profile, sparse thin leaves.

no way to tell specific strain. best to buy from dependable seller…like ILGM


Thanks,thats what I was thinking, but wanted to be sure. Didn’t buy persay, have had for a while, they came from bud that I bought.

No way to tell until you smoke it. Even then, very difficult without it being a unique one that’s hard to miss. They look happy though! Welcome to ILGM :v:


Yes they are,and yes,can’t wait to smoke

Unfortunately there is only one method of identification that I have found and it costs about 300$ us after you send a sample to their lab.
If they can’t identify it they will refund your money and when they are able to they will let you know for free.
I had the most amazing sativa buds that I grew with gifted seeds and wish it was more affordable but instead I just enjoyed it and defied to start smoking and growing more sativas until I found what I liked but always make notes of strains because by the human eye there is no way to tell