Looking for some help identifying issue

Hey everyone. I am growing strawberry cough in coco and perlite. 5 gallon pots. Watering every other day with canna A&B (ph is 5.8-6.0 going in). 4 gallons of water with 3 tablespoons of A and 3 tablespoons of B mixed between them. The 4 gallons of water is split between the 5 plants. I am giving them cal/mag every second or third watering. My last watering I mixed in worm compost tea. They are under 2 maxisun 2000 LED lamps with 200 watts a piece. Could someone please help me identify what the leaf issue is? It’s just come up over the past couple days. I’m wondering if the worm tea was too much nitrogen.

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I thought I answered most of those questions. Does it need to be in that format?

Looks like calcium deficiency to me…

I don’t use coco yet but it’s to be considered as hydro. It has no nutes in it & from what I have read it needs nutes everyday & not to let it dry out like you would in soil. Also coco (again from what I have read) is cal-mag hungry. @Nicky uses coco & now that he’s tagged can maybe shed a better light on it.

Thank you.

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What coco did you use?
Is it buffed? And pre washed? Did you rinse it yourself or pre feed it?

Do you use a silica product?

Twsiting leafs can be from PH issues.

What’s your ppm going in and ppm going out?
Do you water to 20% run off?

My suspicion is that you have salted up your root zone and it’s causing a PH swing whcuh is avoiding nutrient take up.

I would flush for your next feed. Until your ppm coming out is 300 ppm or less.

Then next I would feed full strength with cal mag.

I used the canna line of coco. I believe it is prewashed. I didn’t do anything to it after that. The plants are almost two months old so it has to be recent. You may be correct on the nutrient lock out. I will flush them tomorrow. I just feed today and added cal/mag so it may just make it worse. I do try and water until there is about 20% run off. What would be an ideal PPM going in?

Thanks for the help.

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Flush with 300ppm or less water, them feed as per feed chart.

Let me ask a dumb question. I am going to just be using tap water. If it comes out and is above that do I use something to lower it? PH up or down?

Tds and ph are different values.
Check what ppl your tap water is. And what the PH is that and important base of knowledge.