Looking for some general feedback


When is comes to harvest…in your opinion would you harvest this…171203_164634171203_164019


It really depends on the affect you are looking for,more amber,more couch time


@dmykins I also like to take an “average” overall look at all of the flowers on the plant. I like to harvest just past the clear stage and some amber. It’s all a personal preference. If you take all of this into consideration you’ll do fine.



So essentially it’s ready for harvest anytime, it’s just up to my preference now… Correct?


Yes @dmykins it’s up to your preference. I’m not picky, but based on your pictures you provided, with out any knowledge of the rest of the trichomes it would work for me.


Maybe this will help 4751f2f0b7e65694473efb47615b29bb738ead89